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Design And Study of a GSM Smart Enegy Meter to Reduce Loa

No description

Ghulam Mustafa

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Design And Study of a GSM Smart Enegy Meter to Reduce Loa

Design and implementation of GSM Smart Enegy Meter to Reduce Load Shedding and Cost of Energy
Final PROJECT Presentation
Supervisor : Mr. Mughees Awan
Problem Statement
Block Diagrams
Flow Chart
Software Design
Hardware Design
Problem Statement
The main objective of this project is to create a smart energy meter with following characteristics :
User consumption depending load shedding system
Meter tampering Alert
Billing via GSM
To achieve our objectives
Our system uses IR sensor to calculate the mechanical rotations of meter and fed it to mc.
For tempering alert our system have touch and vibration sensor
Billing is done by GSM module
A management center is establish to control modes of operation of SEM.
Before switching to any mode an alert SMS is sent to the user.
Group Members

Ghulam Mustafa
Muhammad Ashfaq
Asad Ullah
Haider Manzoor
Raja Ali shah
Kafeel Ahmed
Energy crisis in Pakistan
Loss of energy

Project Block Diagram
Management Center Flow Chart

Block Diagram of SEM
User Friendly
Save energy more conveniently
Minimize the energy costs
Consumers will not be issued any erroneous electrical bills.
Management Center
Current Calculation Acs 712 Sensor

Acs 712 Proteus simulation
Pulse Calculation
using IR encoder

Proteus Simulation
Tempering Alert using Vibration sensor

Sensor Uses Piezoelectric Elemen
A voltage when vibration is applied to them utilizing the piezoelectric effect.
Ceramics and single crystal materials: quartz, tourmaline and gallium phosphate
Domestic User
commercial User
Quality of supply metering
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