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Marine Biome

No description

Yuleisy Pagan

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Marine Biome

Weather Native Plants: Fish
Mammals The algae
Marine Plants Native Animals: Marine Biome Where is : Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Arctic Ocean Examples of cooperation and competition between and among species: Endangered Species: Mammals
Fish Biome Globally: There adaptation is that they have blubber to survive in the cold water. Recreational Activities: Come to the Marine Biome and have fun.You will see the different fishes and others Marine animals. By:
Yuleisy Pagan Biome Nearby: You could visit others Biomes such as:
Fresh Water Threats : Abiotic Features: Climate Change:
Water Clarity
Nutrients Adaptation: Trash
People over fishing The water would heat up and the current change. This biome is important because they give Earth a special variety of flora and fauna. Cooperation: Bacteria cooperates with microorganisms and organisms. Competition: Sharks looking for food. Is plants are survive in the marine biome ocean. Average Precipitation: 60-250 inches Average Temperatures: 20 - 30 degress Fahrenheit. Supplies: Sunglasses
Suntan oil
Life Jacket
Warm Cloth They are great supplies for a Marine Biome trip.!
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