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Instructional Coaching with Technology

No description

Melissa Tisnado

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Instructional Coaching with Technology

Roles of an Instructional Coach An instructional coach is a teacher who works
with teachers!
data coach
learning partner
resource provider
curriculum and instructional
school leader What is instructional coaching? job-embedded professional learning
teacher working alongside individual teachers and teams
supporting personalized learning goals
building trusting relationships
non-judgmental and non-evaluative Instructional
Coaching 2.0 Key Elements
of an
Effective Coaching Culture Staff members at all levels within a district must:
embrace change
work toward a shared vision
use coaching as professional development
maintain constant communication and collaboration
protect the coach’s role TPaCK PK - teaching methods
PCK - teaching methods for particular subjects
CK - subject matter
TCK - how technology and content influence each other
TK - working with technology
TPK - technological tools for particular subjects Coaching and Professional Learning Standards for Professional Learning from TPacK: effective teaching
with technology Bloom's Digital Hierarchy Social networking, searching and Blogging and Manipulating applications, gaming and Mash-ups, validating info and Videos, podcasts and Part teacher, part leader, part change agent, and part facilitator, instructional coaches work directly with teachers in their schools and classrooms to assist with the application of new knowledge and skills necessary to improve the academic performance of all students.

-Joellen Killion and Cindy Harrison
Taking the Lead: New roles for Teachers
and School-Based Coaches, 2006 Responding to blogs, testing
applications and Professional Learning... Role of Coach
- occurs within learning communities - facilitate CT meetings
- requires skillful leaders - serve as school leaders
(but non-evaluative)
- uses a variety of types of data - collect and analyze data
- sustains support for implementation - follow-up support for
implementation Research from Joyce and Showers
on Impact of Coaching
on Training Transfer
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