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Fam Alam

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Adidas

PESTLE Analysis
Unique Selling
Porter five forces
Forms of Consumption
Neo – Tribalism
-A German multinational corporation founded in 1948.
- Designs and manufacturers sports clothing and accessories.
-Adidas Group also owns;
- Political stability in the UK government

- Export and import policies

- Taxation policies- The import duty rate into United Kingdom is 16.9% and import VAT is 20%

- Ethical responsibilities to Adidas, employees and their customers. E.g. Employee rights, consumers sales of goods act 1979
- The UK unemployment rate at 7.9% (August,2012)

- Adidas is currently the second largest sports brand in the UK and has a 17% share of the £4bn market

- Sports business accounts for 1.8% of all employment in England. (Sport England 2010)
sales of sports goods
- Estimated 63 million people living in UK

-Increase in sport participation from 29.0% (2010/11 ) to 31.1% (2011/12)

-Increasing number of women in sports

- In England 24% of men and 26% of women in England are obese

- Before the Olympics 32% they intend to get fitter as a result of Olympic influence, since the risen to more than 52%
- Using the preeminent technology to apply a more sustainable approach to production

-R&D plays a main role in product creation and innovation

-Social medias are becoming a significant part of marketing strategies
Mintel, 2012
- Innovative products e.g. AdiPure

- Sustainable products

- ‘My Coach’ smart phone application

- Multi-sports specialists

- Customisation of products e.g. MiAdidas
“New forms of consumption such as those facilitated by cyberspace, themed environments, the of sex, and the increasing role of leisure in society all play new and interesting roles in daily life that combine consumerism with the most contemporary social forms.”
- Gottdiener N et al, 2000
"Today’s consumers are not one-dimensional. They live across the cultural spectrum and that’s where Adidas has its edge. The Adidas brand extends beyond sports and ‘all Adidas’ celebrates this breadth of passion from athletes, musicians, artists and beyond.”
-Patrik Nilsson, President, Adidas
- Adidas is a well established brand world wide

- Even during the world economic crisis Adidas maintained its success

- Strives to be global leader in sporting goods

-Adidas' strategic plan, called Route 2015Concentrate on building press image
Google+ page
Facebook page
Twitter page
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