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Employee Onboarding -

No description

M Marcolini

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Employee Onboarding -

Some components that help make Onboarding Cohesive and Comprehensive:
Successful Employee
Zero to Six Months

Does Onboarding Impact Assimilation?

When/How Do Candidates Begin to
Feel Like Valued Team Members?
Successful training programs should have:
Applicability to varied learning styles
Functional Standards for consistency
Formalized Plans
Long-term goals and follow-up
During recruitment, candidates need to fully comprehend the realities.
When they do, they are given the best chance to adjust and flourish!
It's the true first impression!
It can set the tone for how the candidate integrates and how long until he/she is productive
Adapting does not stop when job training stops.
Is the employee just getting by, or thriving?!

Confidence Intervals help quantify the employee's level of
Job Comprehension
Workplace Cohesion
Any Opportunities for Improvement
Who Interviews Who?
Is the candidate right for the position and the organization, AND
Are they the right fit for the candidate?
Realistic Job Expectations
Clear explanations of the position
Realizing company core values & goals
Understanding Employer's expectations
Discussion of candidate's goals
Realistic expectations of mobility
Formalized Structure
(Class based or electronic?)
Comfort and Inclusion
What To Include
Vision, Mission, Values,
History, Culture, Goals Structure
New Hire Paperwork
Policies and Procedures
Celebration or Drudgery?
Employees leave --> Party!!Employees join --> Lectures??
How do we have the necessities AND the celebration?
Balanced Methods
Reinforced concepts
Rich Context
Think of Storytelling
Words? Expressions?
Hands? Visual aids?
Personality tests?
Center on context/concept or individuals?
What might this look like and how would it help productivity?
Recordings and transcripts of calls
Different possible solutions as response
Shadowing and mentoring
Micro-trainings with Supervisors
How often?
Call Center Phone Rep
Credit Union Teller
CS Transcripts and examples
Shadowing and mentoring
Micro-trainings with Supervisors
Checklists and diagrams
Specialized, universally applicable, and administratively feasible?
30, 60, 90,
and 180 days
HR? Supervisor? Mentor?
Department Manager?
All of these?
Who manages it?
Company Size?
Higher Retention Rates?
Consequence of frankness?
Expectation vs Actual Skills/Potential
Job Duties
Potential Mobility
Company Size
Corporate Culture
Some factors that can impact the right
fit for the candidate and employer:
Employee Mixer/Lunch
Q&A Panels
Interactive Departmental Tours
"Confidence Intervals"
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