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Pop Art- Clay Food

No description

Jessica Ott

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Pop Art- Clay Food

MODERN ART POP ART Pop Art is based on popular modern images that are familiar to everyone. Pop Art began in the mid 1950s. Back then, popular images included . . . Pop artists wanted to make art that expressed nothing about themselves.
Instead, it showed the world around them. "Pop Art" comes from the word "popular." liked or accepted by
many people One of the most famous pop artists is . . . ANDY WARHOL born in 1928 in Pennsylvania died in 1987 at age 58 Andy Warhol used simple, strong shapes in his artwork. Andy Warhol painted portraits of people, ordinary objects, and events that were popular at the time. He also used lots of bright colors! Shot Red Marilyn Life Savers Front and Back Dollar Bills Superman Close Cover Before Striking
(Pepsi Cola) Campbell's Soup I
(Tomato) One Hundred Cans Cow A Cat Named Sam Self Portrait - 1986 Myths: Mickey Mouse Another famous pop artist is . . . ROY LICHTENSTEIN born in 1923 in New York died in 1997 at age 73 He drew inspiration from advertisements, cartoons,
newspapers, and things he saw in real life. Baked Potato Roy Lichtenstein had a very unique style. He used sharp, black outlines. He mostly used flat, primary colors. He used diagonal lines instead of brushstrokes. He used Benday dots. red, yellow, and blue While working on his artwork, Roy used lots of black tape to show where he wanted the strong lines. He later took the tape off and filled the area in with paint. He applied dots with a stencil called a Benday screen. He carefully painted through the regularly spaced holes of the stencil onto his canvas. Roy Lichtenstein is well-known for his paintings of comic strip characters. He would include word bubbles which sometimes seemed silly by themselves without the rest of the comic strip. Drowning Girl Sweet Dreams Emeralds Varoom! Girl in Mirror Red Barn Interiors Let's not forget about another great pop artist . . . Wayne Thiebaud Wayne Thiebaud born in 1920 in Arizona He is famous for his paintings of desserts such as cake and pies. Jolly Cones Cakes and Pies Wayne Thiebaud is known for his use of thick paint and well defined shadows. Three Machines Seven Suckers Cakes Shoe Rows When he painted his cakes, he applied paint as a baker would spread frosting creating a thick, rich texture! PROJECT TIME! Pop Art Clay Food You will create a food out of clay. Think about details such as sesame seeds on a hamburger bun, the side order of fries, or the plate it sits on. As a child, Andy was often sick, so
he spent a lot of time in bed
drawing pictures. He also outlined the food items with pure, intense colors leading to a halo effect. How Sweet It is! Do you recognize any of these images?
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