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Generation X

No description

Angelique Dang

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Generation X

Generation X The ages of this group would range between 33 to 44 year old. 1968-1979 What are typical characteristics of people in this age
group? Independent
Likes to have fun in the workplace(incorporate humor and games into work activities)
Technology adept(meaning very skilled or proficient at something)
Well educated What are the interests of this age group? About 50 million people were born in this generation. What might be their greatest social and economics concerns? They like playing sports, disco, partying, cookouts, socializing with friends. Energy shortage
High unemployment Daily exercise was a major component of health during the 1970's Individualism and self expression was important to generation Xers. It is expressed through clothing/fashion. This is a protest to stop the war. In this generation, the children were home alone and taking care of themselves and their siblings, while their parents worked. They were the children of divorce and dual incomes, also they were latchkey kids who grew up by themselves. What is the approximate age range for people in this demographic group? What would be some buying motives that a marketer could use to stimulate a purchase in this age group? Depends on the quality or the price of the product. How would this age group typically make consumer decisions regarding purchases? These are some products that were popular. What types of products are targeted specifically at this age group? Where would they do the majority of their shopping? Jogging was arguably the most prominent fitness trend of the 1970's Getting the word out on the street or just advertising it on television. Generation X has been labeled as the "slacker generation", however that is not the case. People from generation x carefully evaluate their choices regarding purchasing decisions. Sell your product online Or They like one-stop-shopping, where they can purchase a variety of items in one place Since some people from generation x are employed, their source of income might come from their parents. What is this group’s source of income? Or If some people still have their jobs, they will get it from their bosses/ job. Usually generation xers would shop online. Supermarkets They are less likely to look for brand names. Lava lamps
Rubik's Cube
Mood Rings
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