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Psychology of Relationships

Analyzing F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters and their relationships

Yaachna Tangri

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Psychology of Relationships


Analyzing F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

1. Early Attachment Anxious
More attention to Ross 2. Obsessive Personality

Constantly trying to prove
herself to her parents
3. Relationship :
Break Up with Richard MONICA CHANDLER 1. Early Attachment:Avoidant

Embarassed by his parents
(especially dad) 2. Fear of Commitment

Afraid of turning into
"Bings" 3. Relationships:

Break up with Janice
and Kathy Strong, stable marriage
Physical attraction
Proximity: old friends, live together

ROSS 1. Early Attachment: more than Secured

First born "Medical Marvel" 2. Loves to be committed

Marriage with Carol (college sweetheart) and Emily 3. Relationships:

Divorce from Carol
and Emily 1. Early Attachment: more than Secured

Pampered, Rich, Daddy's Girl 2. Extrovert Personality

Popular in high school,
high self-esteem RACHEL 3. Relationship:

Broke up her and Barry's
wedding COMPANIONATE LOVE PASSIONATE LOVE On and Off relationship
Physical attraction : Ross's crush
Proximity: Known each other, living together
Similar attachment styles JOEY PHOEBE 1. Independent
Fatherless, mother committed
1. Early Attachment: Secured

Large family - Only son
Centre of Attraction

2. Career as an Actor

Charming, desire to be famous 3. Relationships:

Numerous- Flirtatious
until married Mike 2. Careless, Casual Attitude

"Flaky" and fun 3. Relationships

no committment or companionship
Just enjoyment, fun, time-pass

I'll Be There For You THE END
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