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Nail That Elevator Pitch!

A simple primer to get creativity going on your elevator pitch.

Dane Witbeck

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Nail That Elevator Pitch!

Nail that Elevator Pitch!
Elevator Pitch - Goal
Remember that your goal with a very short pitch is to be memorable and capture intrigue so that people will talk to you later.
Clearly Identify the problem
Use a statistic to show the size of the problem
Make your Solution Stand Out
If there is a huge competitor in your market, explain why your are a 5 times better solution to the problem
Close Strong
The close of your pitch should be bold and strong
Be Memorable!!
Great Hook
You want to capture attention with the hook. You want people to stop texting, sit up and pay attention.
Ask a question to make people think.
State an impressive or important thing about your business or product that people will find intriguing.
Be surprisingly loud or unorthodox
This means very few details can be covered.
Use a story to personalize the problem.
Frame the problem in terms of dollars to show your understanding of the market
Make the solution personal with a story
Explain the solution in terms of dollars
Most of the time a strong ask is a good thing
The intonation, body language, and articulate speech is as important as the content
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