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Reema Muralidharan

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of SWITZERLAND

expect daytime temperatures from 18–28°C (65–85°F) during July and August, in January and February -2–7°C (28-45°F) and in spring and autumn/fall 8–15°C (46–59°F).
Trading Partners
• European union member(50.4%)
• Germany (18.5%)
• Italy (7.16%)
• France (6.96)
• United kingdom (5.67%)
• United states (11.61%)

Tourist Attractions

Introduction !!
By: Jisna. K, Priyanka. S and Reema. M
Foods: Cheese, Chocolate & Drinks
Negotiation styles
Forms of Greeting
Style of Dress
Gift Giving
Business entertaining
Silent Language
Business Meetings
Tourist Attractions
Industry/ commerce
Negotiation style
Forms of greeting
Style of dress
Gift giving
Business entertaining
Silent language
Trading partners
Business meetings
Interesting facts
The name of the silent language is Gebärdensprache but in some sources it is called Natürliche Gebärden or Natürliche Gebärdensprache.
Users of silent language self- assuredly call themselves as speakers even though they communicate with gestures, mimicry and lip reading rather than sounds.
• The countries official languages are German, French, Italian and Romansch.
• All three but Romansch have equal status as official languages at the national level within the federal administration of the Swiss confederation.
• But most of the Swiss business people speak English well
• Before meeting with someone you should ask beforehand if they need an interpreter..
• Business people speak in quiet and gentle tones, interrupting is considered to be rude.
• Speaking slowly and clearly is a sign of authority.

Year German French Italian Romans other
2012 64.9 22.6 8.3 0.5 21.0
2000 63.7 20.4 6.5 0.5 9.0
1990 63.6 19.2 7.6 0.6 8.9
1980 65.0 18.4 9.8 0.8 6.0
1970 64.9 18.1 11.9 0.8 4.3
1960 69.4 18.9 9.5 0.9 1.4
1950 72.1 20.3 5.9 1.0 0.7

The main languages of Swiss residents from 1950 to 2012, in percentages as follows;
In Switzerland they use their time efficiently, there are five different tactics of negotiation style in Switzerland:
1. Attitudes and styles:
2. Sharing of information:
3. Pace of negotiation:
4. Bargaining:
5. Decision making:
Lion Monument

the Lion of Lucerne
designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen
hewn in 1820–21 by Lukas Ahorn
("To the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss"

Island castle located on Lake Geneva
Influenced by the Savoy Period - control the road from Burgundy to the Great Saint Bernard Pass
The Bernese Period- Chillon was converted into a state prison in 1733
The Vaudois Period- Chillon was used as a munitions and weapons depot
Today- open to the public for visits and tours.
Château de Chillon
a mountain of the Alps
border between Switzerland and Italy
4,478 metres (14,692 ft) high
break-up of the Pangaea continent 200 million years ago into Laurasia
4 ridges and 4 faces (over time)


“face-to-face”, customer sites or virtually. iMeet or GlobalMeet web conferencing
Immigration, politics and religion are uncomfortable and should be avoided
business hours before 4:30PM
meetings time 1-1.5 hours
less use of Power Points as they are very conversational, and business cards
Follow up with meeting minutes on a proper template via email
Any Questions, Comments or Concerns ??
In Unterwalden, the women wear silver ornamented dresses.
puffy blouse and skirt, a tight vest and a generous use of ribbon or lace and Smocks
In the Alpine areas, the men wear traditional leather shorts (lederhosen) with leather boots.
Boys and men wear blue canvas jackets.
Girls and women long sleeved jackets, silk aprons and straw with ribbons dangling from the brim.
Business entertaining takes place within the normal working hours
At a good restaurant at lunchtime.
The host are expected to pay.
Alcohol will usually be offered at lunch and dinner but many Swiss will refrain from drinking at lunch time.
Cuisine variations from district-district is a good topic for conversation over a meal

Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland can be generally broken into two large groups: local Swiss governments and companies, and businesses around the world with operations in Switzerland.
Food processing like
chemical for industrial and construction use like
Sika AG
, pharmaceutical like
Novartis and Roche
and roof coating chemicals
1 Swiss Franc equals 1.31 Canadian Dollar
Swiss heritage
High production of dairy products
Fondue: National dish of Switzerland
Raclette: Popular for many centuries
comes from french word "racler"
delicious when it's hot
Handshakes for men & women
Three kisses exchanged
Greetings exchanged for simple occasions
French,German & Italian words are used often
Guten abend ( Good evening) - German
Bonjour (Hello) - French
Given at different occasions
artifacts or a bottle of whiskey, brandy or fine wine
Flowers & Chocolate for a house gathering
Thoughtful gifts more appreciated than a tip
Hand written notes after visiting a home
Gifts are not exchanged for business meetings
Values time of others
Shows respect & Discipline
Punctuality in business and social meetings
Switzerland takes punctuality for business & social meetings very seriously
Must be punctual for parties
Transportation is very accurate (10 min)
Swiss chocolatiers are known to be the best in the world
High quality chocolate + international brands
Rudolf Lindt (Swiss chocolate manufacturer)
founded Lindt chocolate factory

Fondue & Raclette:
Theodor Tobler in Switzerland 1908
Matterhorn mountain (mountain of the Alps)
Inspried Theodor for the shape of Toblerone
Flavour: nougat, almonds& honey with a triangular shape
White & milk chocolate

Popular Swiss Drinks
Wine production is taken seriously
Valaisans are passionate about their wine
core lifestyle
served with cheese & dry meat
Produces every type of wine
Particular pride in white production
non-alcoholic fuzzy drink/unique flavour
Based on lactose
Many people head to Switzerland to buy cases of Rivella
quenches thirst
Switzerland has more than 1500 lakes
The Rhine Falls
Salt Mines – White Gold
Lake Geneva
Jet d'Eau
Swiss National Museum
St. Pierre Cathedral
Zoo Basel
Reformation Wall
Body Language
do maintain a good body posture
don't put your hand in the pocket
don't chew gum, litter, or clean your nails in public.
don't point your index finger at your head. It is considered insulting gesture.
) They export chemicals, and medical products, machinery, instruments and watches and chocolates
)machinery, chemicals, vehicles, metals; agricultural products, textiles.

Imports and Exports
The textile industry
, using wool, cotton, silk, and synthetics

Women did not gain the vote at federal level until 1971
More than half of Swiss domestic electricity is produced by 556 hydroelectric power plants
Known as "lonely planet"
use of time wisely
Industries : cotton, silk & chocolate
Formal greeting style
German,French & Italian
tradition to wear smocks
Trading partners - European union members
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