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Human Resources management

No description

Tay Yu Heng

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Human Resources management

Human Resources
Group Member :
Tay Yu Heng
Dixon Lim Yi Sheng
Tay Joo Fang
Wee Wei Lynn
Lee Qiao si
Job Satisfaction
What is Job Satisfaction
Important of Employee Job Satisfaction to Organization
Increase revenue & Profit
Better Customer service
Retain Turnover
Better Quality & Productive
Better Brand Name
Tim Cook - Ceo Of Apple.inc
Factors that affect Employee Job Satisfaction
1) work itself
2) Salary
3) Supervision
4) Work condition
5) Co-worker
Existing Strategies to ensure Job Satisfaction
Rewarding Our Partners
Your Special Blend
Your Special Blend
Health Coverage
Stock and Equity
College Achievement Plan
Discount Starbucks Merchandises
Caring Unites Partner Fund
Stock and Equity
Bean Stock
Stock Investment Plan
College Achievement Plan
on-site Medical staff
Google Green
Google Shuttle bus
Self-power commute program
Electric car - share program
Benefits your Family
Pets are allow
On-site childcare
Newborn Holidays
6 weeks paid leaves
18 weeks paid leaves
The 10 Years pay package
receive 50% of husband's salary for 10 years.
receive $1000 monthly
until 19 or 23
Other Benefits
travel insurance
emergency assistance
retirement saving match
international assignment
learning program
many more...
Recommendation of Strategies
Free !
Skin care product
Hair Care product
Paid !
Beauty & Slimming course
Free !
Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
On-site Spa & Massage
tailored attire
Special themed Office
aquarium Office
On-call personal security guard
Thank You
- job insecurity is a strain-based work demand

- E.g: Global competition, restructuring and increasing workplace flexibility

- McDonald's (zero-hours contracts)
- monetary rewards

- increasing self-esteem

- Inadequate salary negatively affects job & life satisfaction

- McDonald's (minimum wages paid)

- poor supervision - not enough responsibility for taking action

- Eg: Prevention of problems, mistakes, injuries

- Work environment (office space & design)

- Better workplace environment, better job results

- McDonald's (lack basic first aid & protective gear for burn injuries)

- increase job satisfaction, decrease stress, boost productivity & job commitment

- Colleagues constantly evaluate each other

- a positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job/experiences - Locke, 1989

- treated as both a global concept and a facet-specific concept - Cook, 1981

- a feeling of pleasure/achievement that experience from job
Employee Assistance Program
Adoption Assistance
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Satisfied customer
Purchase more
Employees appreciation
Happy worker = Productive worker
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