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Navy Seals

Navy Seals and stuff

Ricardo Ruiz

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Navy Seals

NAVY SEALS They were established in the spring of 1943 1963 First Vietnam War-detachment of elements of SEAL Team One in Da Nang, Vietnam to serve under the command of the CIA-COS.
1964 Seals became a component of the military-CINC of Vietnam’s theatre.
October 25th 1983 Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada
December 20th 1989 Operation Just Cause in Panama
August 14th 1992 - December 1993 Operations Provide Relief, Restore Hope, Continue Hope in Somalia
March 2002 Operation Anaconda in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.
March 2003 Participated in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. their training is known to be some of the toughest in the WORLD! they use all kinds of terrain vehicles, water, air, and land They recently killed Osama Bin Laden They belong to the Navy They can do all types of assigments They WILL get you!
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