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natalia nat

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

electronics shop new products Development Housing Housing Fridges During WW2 , domestic washer production
was suspended in favor of making war
materials ; a chance that gave manufacturers
to think about undertake research and
develop the machine .

By the 1950s the quality of the washing machine improved by the use of many new
systems introduced . Among them the
Agilater and tumbling system that are sill
used today . In 1951 , the first recorder captured videos straight to the camera by converting the images into electrical impulses and saving the information onto a magmatic tape and Home
In the 1950s Immigrants from over
seas women used to work in factories during the
war however now they have
families and kids to care
for House's interiors The 1950s saw a lot of advances in technologies and machinery life

Appliances had to improve to meet the needs of
consumers technology market Video Recorder Microwave oven Australians invented many household items that
made life easier at home .

New products were being manufactured each day because of the great request from consumers. New invented products Vast improvements in housing were made
,and a prime concern was put on the families of soldiers who served the war.

The post war baby boom
generated huge
adjustments in the home Washing Machines Architecture
and house
designs The 1950s saw technical advances in refrigeration like automatic defrosting and automatic ice making.

However people from poorer families could not afford a fridge's expense and had to use the Coolgardie Safe The Lawn Mower Television In the 1950s new houses were built in suburbs timeline Many new designers started
working on their modern art
movement for making better

-Victa lawnmower became a part of weekend life
to many Australians
-because these lawnmowers were rotary they were light compared to older lawnmowers that needed two people to push it around Three particular domestic
architectural styles became popular Ranch style Colonial Revival Cape Cod It was not until war had finished that electricity became available to nearly every household Electrical appliances like mixmaster ,kettle grill , microwave oven and lawmowers were introduced at that time The Raytheon Corporation produced the first commercial microwave oven in 1954; it was called the 1161 Radarange.
It was large, expensive, and had a power of 1600 watts. Tappan microwave coolgardie
safe typical 1950
fridge New Materials Many new materials became widespread during the 1950s

some of these new materials that emerged were polystyrerne and plastic nylon, which was used to make old telephones Television The 1950s was called the Golden Age of Television.Many people wanted to buy one because it was the cheaper version of entertainment and media .

Many companies started seeing that a television is the
best way to advertise their products An Esky T.V broad casted real events that happened in war Irons An article found in the Morning Herald newspaper of the 17/4/1951 An article in the Morning Herald newspaper in 14/9/1954 Harry siedler VS 2013 1950 too much babies being
born for one family His work in Australia open plan what a great
ha ha ha ha Why don't you buy ,grab
the chance to be the best
housewife in your suburb buy this buy that
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