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A Wrestlers Story

No description

Leandro Nunez

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of A Wrestlers Story

it's the second round of a match between Blake and his opponent. Blake is tired, with the whole crowd watching. The coach and the whole team are on the sidelines yelling moves and techniques even some team insiders; "SHOOT!" "SPRAWL!" "JETER!". The crowd cheers with faces full of excitement and entertainment. GO BLAKE GO! A WRESTLERS STORY Blake wins his match with an amazing comeback, the crowd goes wild! After the referee raises his arm, the team runs up and dogpiles him. full of hapiness they jump around in victory screech Blake goes home and collapses on his bed from exhaustion. It feels good to be home. He's cooling off from hhis comeback victory against the rival school, Middletown High School. Nobody is home yet, his mom is still working, and his father does not live with him. His little brother is out and about. He feels so tired that he falls asleep. there's a banging on the door, it awakens Blake. He rubs his eyes and walks drowsily downstairs to open the front door. It's his younger brother, Nick he looks at the time; it is almost midnight. His brother is two years younger than him, making his younger brother fifteen. Blake opens the door for his younger brother. Nick greets Blake with a big smile and stumbles into the house. He reeks of alcohol, it's as if it's evaporating through his chest. Blake becomes extremely upset, but he has sympathy for Nick and just helps him upstairs and puts him in his bed to sleep. Blake stays up worrying, deep in thought, about his younger brother. Then Blake's mother comes home, it must be around two o'clock in the morning. Blake heads downstairs and sees she is drunk as well. Blake yells at her and argues, but at the end he just feels worse for yelling at her, he helps her to her room and he goes straight to his room The next morning in school, Blake's win is heard through the loudspeaker. Blake gets congratulated on his victory in the hallways and in class, he loves the attention and goes through the rest of the day happy. He does fairly well in school, but he spends his time in class resting because of Wrestling and because he stays up all night pondering. After school Blake has wrestling practice. He practices for hours, from three o'clock to eight o'clock. The thing is wrestling is what makes him happy, he enjoys it and he's good at it. His Mother doesn't approve and his brother looks up to him. He walks home alone. When he finally gets home, his mother rants about how much she hates wrestling and how it gets in the way of house work. This just makes Blake upset. He had a great day at school and it was ruined. That night Blake gets a call and it's his father! Blake doesn't know what to feel but he knows he must meet him. He decides to meet his father, turns out his father is not all that great, but is a great storyteller, especially of his past. Blake is glad he didn't get his hopes up, but he feels like he has to get to know him more so they hang out a lot more.
Blake's mother gets even more upset, she feels as if she is losing Blake, but Blake has felt the same way about her for a long time. Blake uses his father to escape his problems at home, but in reality they're just getting worse and he is drifting further away from his family. His brother is slowly becoming worse. Blake realizes that the person who needs him most is his younger brother, so he decides to spend his time with Nick instead of his parents. Turns out that's what was getting Nick feeling down all the time, where Alcohol was what would help him feel better momentarily. Nick felt he had a lot to live up to, having such a successful brother. Now Nick understands that he is his own person and is strong enough to resist temptations and deal with his mother. Together they help their mother.
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