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MRT Skills: Mental games

No description

Nidia Cruz

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of MRT Skills: Mental games

Mental Games:
Changes the focus away from, or compartmentalizes, counterproductive thinking to enable greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Real-Time Resilience:
Shuts down counterproductive thinking to enable greater concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Dealing with Counterproductive Thoughts in Real-time
MRT Skills, Unit Nine: Mental Games
MRT Skills
Mental Games help to build Self-Regulation.

Mental Games compartmentalize or distract you from counterproductive thinking by engaging your attention in fun and challenging games or techniques.

Mental Games are a useful and quick solution when your thoughts are circling, like in Put It In Perspective.

Mental Games: B.L.U.F.
Principles for designing Mental Games
Must require your full attention
Must be hard and fun
Must be games or techniques you can do within a few minutes
Mental Games
Math games:
Count back from 1,000 by 7s.

Alphabet games:
Work your way through the alphabet, naming someone for each pair of initials.

Categories games:
Name all the sports figures, war heroes, etc. you can in two minutes.

Army alphabet:
Repeat it backwards.

Recite upbeat song lyrics.

Positive Imagery:
Create a detailed positive image of a situation or memory that helps you to feel calm, positive, or confident. Include as many details in the image as possible so that the image is vivid.

Mental Games
Mental Games Key Principles
These techniques require practice in order to derive full benefit.

Double up:
Mental Games can be used in conjunction with other skills in the program.

Self-regulation is a primary target of Mental Games.

In what situation could you use Mental Games?
Mental Games: Check on Learning
What is the skill?
Mental Games is a skill that compartmentalizes or takes your mind off of counterproductive thoughts so you can be more productive and focus on the task at hand.

When do I use it?
Use Mental Games as a temporary fix when your thoughts are distracting you from an immediate goal or task.

How do I use it?
Change your thoughts by playing games or using techniques that are fun, challenging, and that you can do in just a few minutes.

SFC Cruz, Nidia A.
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