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Grey Wolves

No description

raquel slaughter

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Grey Wolves

Grey Wolves
By Raquel Slaughter
How many cell are in a grey wolf?
Grey wolves are multicellular.
What types of cells are they made of?
They are made of eukaryotic cells.
How many chromosomes are in a grey wolfs' cell?
A grey wolf has 78 chromosomes in a cell.
Are their any genetic disorders these wolves are prone to?
Distemper is an environmental contagious disease. It causes fever, dehydration, and seizures.
They can also contract cancer due to pollution and issues in the environment along with it possibly being inherited.
They are also prone to Lyme disease from inheritance or the bite of an infected insect.
Where did Grey wolves evolve from?
They are believed to of came from Asia.
How did the wolves change through out time?
During the beginning of their time in North America their leg grew longer, and their teeth along with senses became sharper.
What kingdom are grey wolves classified into?
This organism is classified in the Animilia kingdom.
How do grey wolves fit into kingdom Animilia?
Grey wolves are multicellular, they are mobile, and don't have cell wall.
Where on earth are grey wolves found?
You can find grey wolves in parts of North America like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. They cover nearly two third of North America. They can also be found in Alaska, Europe, Canada, and Asia.
What biome can these wolves be found in?
They are likely to be found in a tundra, taiga, or a boreal forest.
What allows grey wolves to live in these places?
They have coats that provide them with insulation and hairs to keep moisture out.
They also have fleshy paws and claws for retraction that are good for staying alive in the snow.
What food do gray wolves eat?
Grey wolves are known for eating moose and other deer like animals.
The wolves also like other hoofed animals and small rodents.
What relies of gray wolves for a food source?
Since wolves are one of the top predators it is hard for another animal to use them as a food source.
There is a slim chance that anything else besides a scavenger would rely of these wolves for a food source.
What is its habitat?
Many of these wolves prefer to live in woodlands, deserts, grassland, or mountains.
Does a gray wolf have any symbiotic relationships?
Yes, wolves are known for having symbiotic relationship with ravens. After taking a wolf's leftovers the raven may tease it.
Ravens usually play with the wolves so the wolf will chase it.
Are gray wolves endangered?
Yes, gray wolves are endangered. They are endangered due to habitat loss and hunters in the early 1900's that want them for their pelts or kill them for sport.
How ever their population has increased since the Endangered Species Act started in 1973.

Boreal forest
Hunter that killed wolves. :(
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