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Gender Representation in Comic Books

Media Effects Final Project Spring 2014

Rober Foster

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Gender Representation in Comic Books

The Golden Age
First appearance
of Batman and
Marvel Universe
is started by Stan
The Atomic Age
Increase in science
fiction and horror
comic books
Once Nazis were
gone, no good
supervillains to fight
The Silver Age
Rise of Superheroes
Creation of:
-The Fantastic Four
-Iron Man
The Bronze Age into the Modern Age
A Brief History...
Gender Representation in Comic Books
By Alyssa Gera, Steven Whitten, and Graham Foster
Gender Schema and Sex Stereotyping
Common Themes
Damsel in Distress
Seductive Vamp
Sexy Heroine
Unnaturally Muscular
Drunken Chauvinist
Women often portrayed as:

Men often portrayed as:
Content Analysis
Male, Female, or Both
Hero, Villain, Other
How individual was presented
Main character fully or partially clothed
Body parts exposed
Body parts exaggerated
Male Dominant Covers
Female Dominant Covers
Violence Against Women in Comics
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Moving Forward
The Hawkeye Initiative
Ms. Marvel
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