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Fruit Fly Behavior Lab

No description

Lisa Bell

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Fruit Fly Behavior Lab

Fruit Fly Behavior Lab
Lisa, Kassandra, and Lauren
Does stimuli effect fruit fly movement?
Independent Variable:
materials placed in container (stimuli)
Dependent Variable:
fruit fly location
Controlled Variables:
temperature, tiime increments
Fruit Flies
2 Water Bottles
Cotton Balls
Orange Juice
Red Bull
Prepare a choice chamber by labeling both ends of the two water bottles (tops) with an "A" on one end and a "B" on the other. Cut the bottoms off the bottles, dry the interior thoroughly, and tape them together. Remove any paper labels. Place a cap on one end before adding any flies. Insert a small funnel in the open end of the chamber and place the chamber upright on the capped end. Tap 2 - 30 fruit flies in using the funnel.
After transfer, quickly cap the other end of the chamber.
Begin study of the choice of flies by placing a few (5-10) drops of distilled water on 2 cotton balls. Adhere one moist cotton ball to each end of the chamber (cap of water bottles) using tape (do not add too much liquid - it will drip down and mess up the experiment).
Lay chamber gently down on a white piece of paper.
Record how many flies are in either side of the chamber and record in data table.
Wait 3 minute intervals and record how many flies are at the A and B ends.
Repeat steps 3 - 6 for each trial and switch the stimuli cotton balls for each, starting with water vs orange juice, then water vs Red Bull, then orange juice vs Red Bull for the last trial.
Quantify results and express them graphically. Complete a chi - square analysis, analyze the results, and make a conclusion. Keep the flies and breed more if you wish, or release them into the wild OUTSIDE once lab's completed!
Chi Square Analysis.
No correlation between fly movement and stimuli.
Graph of fruit fly stimuli and amounts per stimulator during timed trials.
Data Table
Null Hypothesis:
Stimulants will not effect fruit fly movement whatsoever.
Null Hypothesis:
Stimulants will not effect fruit fly movement whatsoever.

We accept the null hypothesis.
These results weren't quite what we expected.
Because of the even number of flies consistently on each side of the simulator and the results of the chi square analysis, we have reason to believe that stimulants in that short of a period of time do not effect fly movement.
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