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Jackie Kennedy

No description

Janice Ringler

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy fashion icon Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Born July 28, 1929 in Southampton, NY first lady from 1961-1963 Oleg Cassini Born April 11, 1913 French-born American fashion designer Designed over 300 outfits for Jackie Kennedy Known for A-line dresses
Pillbox hats
Above-the-elbow gloves
Three-quarter sleeves
Dress suits
White pants
Jewelry A-line Dresses (particularly sleeveless) Pillbox Hats Above-the-elbow gloves Three-Quarter Sleeves Skirt Suits White Pants Jewelry Drop earrings
Long layered necklaces
Triple strand pearls Drop earrings Long Layered Necklaces Bangles Tri-Strand Pearls 1960's ads Celebrities Sleeveless A-line Dress Julie Cristy Pillbox Hat
Blake Lively Sarah Jessica Parker Gloves Eva Mendes Three-quarter Sleeves Halle Berry Dress Suits Anne Hathaway White Pants
Angelina Jolie Drop Earrings
Long Necklaces
Nicole Richie
Michelle Obama
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