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Who Chooses The Rabbis?

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Jake Brooks

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Who Chooses The Rabbis?

Who Names The Rabbis?
In 1806, Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to understand the Jewish culture, He then gathered the best Jewish scholars and they answered some of Napoleon's questions regarding whether Judaism would interfere with Jews being French citizens. (Packet)
How to Choose a Rabbi
People usually choose a Rabbi that has the same beliefs
According to Rabbi Judah Landes, there are two tests that can be given to a rabbi.
The person must like the rabbi as a rabbi and as a person.
The Rabbi must be the same sect of Jewry as you are.
The Rabbi's spiritual, and social involvement in the synagogue.
How a community chooses a rabbi in 2014
The Rabbi's are chosen by an interview process. They are introduced to the community and the most important people or the board chooses the Rabbi. The communities opinion is also considered and it is also the Rabbi's choice whether he likes the community or not.
How The Rabbi Was Chosen In 1806
The chiefs of families or richer people usually chose the Rabbi.
The process varies from place to place
There could be an election, but it is very rare.
There is still not a definite way to choose a Rabbi.
How to Become a Rabbi
Must attend a reform rabbinical school
Must spend 1 year studying in Israel
Four years at a US University- HUC
Internship and Ordination
Mental and Spiritual Testing
4 Years of College
5 to 6 years at a Yeshiva and one in Israel
Jake Brooks and Michael Spolane
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