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Customer Focused Acquisitions in a 21st Century Library

UCONN Interview 10/4/12

Kathleen D'Angelo

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Customer Focused Acquisitions in a 21st Century Library

How Do You Go About Creating a Customer Focused Acquisitions & Financial Services Team in a 21st Century Library? Kathy D'Angelo ~ 10/04/12 _ What IS a 21st Century Library? Services Content People Content is in the Cloud Accessible Any Time From
Anywhere From
Device Content is Dynamic! Interactive Multi-format Customized Unbundled Fewer boundaries between teachers & learners Space is Flexible Service is responsive Learning is forever As information resources become more virtual
the boundaries of
traditional formats blur What does this mean
for library acquisitions? The customer doesn't care where or how we get it . . . Optimum Acquisitions =
the right content
in the right format
at the right time
for the greatest number
of satisfied customers Optimum Financial Services
= getting the best bang
for your buck! Analyze Expenditures Buy! Borrow! Beg! (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Steal? New Initiatives
Fund the Future Pilot projects for new & emerging resources & technologies

New academic courses, programs, degrees, faculty
New opportunities Major Purchases Move some content from leased to owned each year to reduce ongoing committments

Concentrate on strengths or forever programs


Articles vs journals

Books vs chapters
Unbundle Information Through:

Pre-payment discounts

Multi-year subscriptions

Consortia / group deals

Library-initiated deals

Your option to say no Maximize Funds From vendors & publishers

From Donors


Maintain a wish list

Write about wants & successes Ask for What You Want Content





Good Will Understand What You're Buying Work Together How do we get there?
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