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Oliver Duff

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Transportation

Human Impact
A passage of time for Transportation
From the very beginning humanity has been on the move almost always the reason was for survival,food,water,land and shelter.
What is transportation? It is when a person, goods or object is moved to a specific place.
I'm sure you all have experience with these modes of transportation....But what about these?

Late 19Th century
in the late 19th century uni cycling became a form of transport.
Impact on they Environment
The fuel burned up to run most of the machinery gives off large amounts of pollutants that is bad for they environment.
Land Usage
The highways and train tracks take up a lot of land and prevent animals from migrating and take away valuable farm land.

Noise Pollution
The noise of the vehicles is a major annoyance to humans and causes stress in animals.
Oil spills are a major threat to sea dwelling creatures.
Oil Spills
All these inventions are great but what is they impact on they environment.
To lessen the
Now that people are starting to realize the environmental damage they have caused by fossil fueled transportation methods they are beginning to use green energy (solar power, hydro plants and wind mills) to produce electricity to power our vehicles.
Also the most important event.

Safer highways
To help the highways animal crossing problem under and over passes only for animals where created.
Less Loud
To help with the problem of noisy cars some new designs have got less noise when they move such as electric cars.
No spill Oil
The issue of oil spills has always been a big factor in ocean problems with lots of pollution and wild life threats it is one of they worst things that travel has done.but now some ships have double hules designed for stopping the spill of oil and safety of the ship.
And That Concludes my Presentation
Thank you for Watching
And That Concludes my Presentation
Thanks for watching
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