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Obtaining CPEng

No description

James Fitzgerald

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Obtaining CPEng

Obtaining CPEng with Engineers Australia
Elements of Competency
Small annoying tasks
Professional Interview
Elements of
16 Elements for young players
11 Elements for Brownlow medalists
Personal Commitment (3)
Obligation to Community (4)
Value in the Workplace (4)
Technical Proficiency (5)

Use table to map out projects
Start with low hanging fruit
(EoC 1, 2, and 6)
Do not underestimate this component for interview or time
Can be filled in online once Member
Misc tasks
CV (unverified)
Engineering Experience Report (verified)
CPD (150 hours for all practitioners)
50 hours related to area
10 hours risk management
15 hours business and management
Remainder to cover range of interest and career that are relevant
Professional Interview
15 min presentation
30 - 60 mins questions (90min for me)

Prepare and practice!
Know all of your endorsed reports
Ask other CPEng'ers questions
Different eChartered pathways;
all have the following:
Questions to expect
What are 4 pillars of Code of Ethics?
Use examples
Discuss some standards / codes of practice
Do you know OH&S legislation? WHS Act 2011
What is safety-in-design?
Discuss risk assessments? Legislation? ISO 31000
How did you come to that conclusion?
Talk us through a RORB calibration
Relevance of flood levels?
Do you deserve this?
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