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Swift Fox - Enemies and Threats

No description

Laura Behrens

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Swift Fox - Enemies and Threats

By: Laura Behrens and Marcos Quiles Swift Fox
Enemies and Threats Natural Threats and Enemies The predators to the swift fox are mainly coyotes, eagles, hawks, and humans. Swift foxes main enemy is the coyote. Although they are related to the wolf, jackal, and coyote family; the swift fox is the smallest fox in the world. All species of foxes are known for their cleverness in escaping their enemies. Human Threats Swift foxes became nearly extinct in the 1930's due
to hunting, trapping, and poisoning campaigns aimed
at wolves and coyotes. This also reduced their food sources such as prairie dogs and ground squirrels. Several years after this event they were reintroduced and made small populations in Canada. Also, there are some populations of swift fox in South Dakota and Texas. Territitory Threats They live in grasslands, one of the main threats for swift foxes is the climate change looms. Suitable grassland habitat for the species in New Mexico and Colorado could shrink up to 63%.
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