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The Gentrification of Philadelphia through Za

No description

Hayley Mansfield

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of The Gentrification of Philadelphia through Za

Central Question
What may the cultural and economic impacts of the craft pizza trend reveal about the relationship between the gentrification, or rather“hipsterfication" of Philadelphia neighborhoods?
Hipster culture is largely, if not entirely, defined by trendy aesthetics (cultural capital) and“whiteness.”
Craft pizza restaurants are one of the most recent and prominent forms of hipster capital in Philadelphia (specifically in Fishtown, Northern Liberties); hence, the establishment of such businesses in low-income areas primes the pump for gentrification.
Case Studies
“Hipsterfication," spurs the development of new cultural capital, which primes the pump for gentrification in Philadelphia. Craft pizza restaurants have led to more "hipster" presence in the surrounding neighborhood, the creation of new cultural capital establishments alike, rises in property values, and the removal of the residents who lived there before.
The Hipsterfication of Philadelphia Through Za
"Hipster" Culture
Four Minutes of Macaulay Culkin Eating Pizza
Gentrification in Philadelphia
In recent years, the establishment of new“hipster capital" in specific areas has been a precursor to their gentrification.
Pizza Brain
Pizzeria Beddia
Blackbird Pizzeria
Nomad Pizzeria

Pizza Brain
Began as Kickstarter
"Pizza as communal"
Change in area a result of Pizza Brain's presence?
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