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Live Your Dream: Goal Setting

I want to be a doctor by day, pop star by night. Find out to achieve your dreams through personal goal setting.

Anggoro Seto

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Live Your Dream: Goal Setting

LIVE YOUR LIFE Leadership Spirit By Anggoro Seto
@anggorootes VISION Feelings EMPOWERMENT CHANGE Difference FAMILY COMMUNITY Tradition DRIVE Goal Setting HOPE STRENGTH Have the courage to
It's the first step towards attaining your destiny. What is Dreams? I L.O.V.E TRAVELING How to Achieve it? desires to pursue in life,
a life mission or purpose So, What is Your Dream? But not just Travel I like Making Friends I like meet new people I like taking pictures i like challenge i like shoping I lIke to help people I like community development I like talk to people 1st step 2nd step 3rd step Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Youth Exchange/International Conference ?? Join Youth Exchange/International Conference Define a Goal Outline the steps needed to achieve it. Find information Ask people Find On the internet Join International Organization Different
source Think about the resources you will need to accomplish your goal. Money Skill Knowledge Personality Attitude Leadership Consider possible blocks and ways of dealing with them. my english is not good i'm shy i'm not good at academic i.m afraid not accepted i'm not good at traditional art don't have money Last Step Believe And Pray Don't Think too much!! APPLY NOW!!! Take the chance Activities International Youth Climate Forum 2010 Miracle Youth Conference 2009 Jambore Pemuda Indonesia 2010 Nutrifood Leadership Award Asia Africa Youth Forum Indonesian Group on MDGs Harvard National Model United Nations Indonesia Canada Youth Exchange Program
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