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Inca Maya and Aztec Report

Inca Maya and Aztec Report

matt marovets

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Inca Maya and Aztec Report

Inca Inca Maya Aztec Report Maya Inca jewelry Aztec Aztec Sculptures And Treasures Maya treasures and Artifacts Maya facts * The Maya believed in many gods *The Maya built large pyramids Aztec Calendar Aztec Gold Statue Aztec carving Aztec facts The Aztecs built a temple called the Toltec Temple. Inca Facts People say the
Inca have copper skin black, dark eyes and thick hair. The Incas wear colorful woolen cloaks and panama hats. For shoes the inca had sandals The inca women wear ribbons in their hair. The inca farmers use plows powered by cows or other working animals. Inca Conclusion: The incas are still around today practicing their traditions and they still wear the same clothes and eat the same food The Aztecs believe in many gods. They built sculptures out of toltec limestone. Most aztecs were commoners that became warriors. Aztecs live in Technotico, Mexico. Aztec conclusion: The Aztecs are still around today. They continue to practice their cultures today. * Maya wrote glyphs about memories and victories. *The Maya developed in Mexico * The Maya carve rocks and stones into sculptures *The Maya traded their things for maize Also Known As corn. *The Maya made giant heads out of stone for unknown reasons. Maya conclusions: The Maya people are still around today. We still don't know why they built the giant heads out of stone. The End END Other interesting facts The maya calendar ends in 2012
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