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Grace Hayes

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Suburbs

Suburbs How? Main focus of Suburbs Pictures The End influence? The image of American conformity in the late
40's and 50's was influenced by the suburbs because it demonstrated new machines that could be used in homes, it brought about shopping centers, and it made the need for cars more popular what is a suburb? The suburbs developed because of the econmic boom following WWII, the need for housing returning veterans and baby boomers relatively cheaply, and whites fleeing the desegregation of urban cities brought on by the civil rights movement. Suburbs After World War II, there was an expansion of the population. This caused the need for more housing and other needs of people. Most people resorted to homes outside the cities like suburbs because there it was cheaper. They all had schools, churches and parks. Suburbs usually created the illusion of a perfect traditional family. They also became the new glamorous countryside. Over the next couple of years suburbs became very popular. This allowed the government to give GI bills that helped veterans with the mortgage and college. With the suburbs growing increasingly popular so did the idea of commuting. Improved roads and railway transport became the new way of travel.
Works Cited:
http://geography.about.com/od/urbaneconomicgeography/a/suburbs.htm By: Grace Hayes and
Zach Lowe Suburbs are the communities surrounding cities that are usually made up of single family homes, but are increasingly including multifamily homes and places like malls and office buildings
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