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English Conversation Café

No description

Lydia Taylor

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of English Conversation Café

Tea and Coffee
Discussion Questions
Do you think Christmas has lost its original meaning?

What do you think Christmas means to most people today?

Do you think the story of Jesus being born is true or just a story? Why or why not?

Does your country of origin celebrate Christmas?

If so, what traditions does your country have for celebrating Christmas?
Agree or disagree?
English Conversation

I think the Royal family are a waste of time. They are very expensive and don't have any power anyway. We should get rid of the Monarchy and just have a goverment.
I think the Royal family should be celebrated as a great part of our culture and history. The bring in lots of money through tourism and give people a sense of cultural identity.
Sentence scramble
Traditional English desserts
International food in English cooking
Traditional English meals
English food

Do you like English Food? Why or Why not?

What types of food are popular in your country of origin?

Do you think eating together is important in every culture? If so, Why?

telephone terms
The Royal family

Buckingham palace
The Royal family
757 AD
757- 2013
It's beginning
Offa r 757-796
Monarchs through the ages
The Royal family today
Alfred the Great
Henry VIII
Irregular verb Bingo!
ree of charge
All abilities welcome
What types of entertainment( books, films, TV or music) do you prefer? Why?

What types of entertainment are most poular in your country of origin?

Do you think Entertainment and the Media is important in Society? If so, why?

1. hang up

2. dial

3. receiver

4. operator
What is Easter?
Easter celebrations
Easter eggs
Easter days
Why is Easter important to Christians?
What is it all about?
Easter is the Christian celebration of the
of Jesus Christ after his Crucification and death
Easter bunny
Pancake day/ Shrove Tuesday
Maundy Thursday: Last supper
Easter sunday: The ressurection
Good friday: Death of Jesus
Pancake day is the last day before Lent.
The death of Jesus

The Ressurection
proof that Jesus is God
proof that he paid for our sins
proof that he can give eternal life
Discussion questions
1) Do you celebrate Easter? why/ why not?

2) Do you think the message of Easter is good news?

3) If the ressurection is true, how do you think it should affect our lives?
iranian food
Cream tea
what do you like about English food?
What is your favourite food?
what foods have you tried in England that you have never had anywhere else?
chelow kabab
do you like watching cookery programmes?
cookery programmes
hang up
to put the receiver down and end the call
to press buttons the phone
the part of the phone you speak into
the person who answers your telephone questions when you ring '0'
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