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Song Lyrics

The Poetry of our Generation

Pine Apple

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Song Lyrics

Effective imagery
Compelling themes
Emotional Evocativeness
Originality These are the Criterias needed to create a great song or a great poem Everytime we've been together

No matter what I do, you've always got me through

You're always there for me, and now I finally see

The truth, you are the one for me

Could it be? Suddenly, after all this time

Could it be? Possibly, I'm falling for you

Could it be? You were right there beside me and I never knew

Could it be? It has always been you Example Write a song lyric about someone who has affected you emotionally.
MINIMUM of 6 lines

Someone you care about
A Friend, Family member or Pet you love


Your song lyrics will be sung or rapped in class. Melody of existing songs may be used but all words must be an original composition. Song Writing ACTION Poetry Devices in Songs Examples of some of these devices are:

Onomatopoeia Poetry and Music use Literary Devices and Figurative Language to enhance their work. Figurative Language and Literary Devices Each contain a rhythm which may affect your mood and your spirit

Both must engage your imagination

Poems and song lyrics rely on the potent use of language.

Each engage their readers and listeners emotionally.

Both require a skilled use of word sounds or rhyming.

Music and Poetry are ways of identifying or labeling emotions that we keep bottled up inside. When someone has trouble discussing their emotions with others or simply wish not to, these are avenues for them to express it. The Similarities between Poetry and Music Poetry readings used to be the most popular form of entertainment back in the day.

To make our generation listen to poetry that expresses one’s emotions, thoughts, or points of view, it has to be in the form of song lyrics.

A poetry slam is a competitive format that has become increasingly popular, especially in the United States, since its inception in the 1980s. Much of the poetry featured at slams has adapted to a hip-hop sensibility

Poetry nowadays is mostly found in the form of song lyrics. Song Lyrics: Poetry of our Generation What is it?

Poetry is the most compressed form of literature.

Poetry is composed of carefully chosen words expressing great depth of meaning.

Poetry uses specific devices such as sound, and rhythm to express the appropriate combination of meaning and emotion. Poetry Poetry of our Generation Song Lyrics LIFE EMOTION SUBJECT What are songs usually about? I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift "I guess it's about somebody who attracts you, but for the wrong reasons. Then when you get hurt you blame yourself cause you could see that person was wrong from the start. You didn't care then, but you care now. You could see he didn't love you, or anyone." "This song is about liking a guy who really didnt care and she liked that and she went for him even though people said he was an *** and she got hurt by him and she blames herself
for it but later in the bridge she decides to blame him" "I think alot of girls can relate to this song. it's hard because you know you shouldn't be with a certain person and you do it anyways. it's like we always want the ones who treat us bad for some reason, at least that's how i feel sometimes! it's good to know that there's someone who i can relate to. that's why i love Taylor!" Source: http://www.lyricinterpretations.com/Taylor-Swift/I-Knew-You-Were-Trouble Daylight - Maroon 5 "I think this may have to do with Romeo and Juliet. After Romeo is banished, he spends one last night with Juliet. He must leave before morning or else he will be killed. In the song, Adam Levine sings about how he must leave before the daylight comes and he wants to enjoy the moment with his lover as much as possible. He may be paralleling his love for another with Romeo and Juliet." "I think it is a soldier that is being deployed early the next morning - and he knows he has to go at daylight but has one more night to hold his love close." "I think it's about ex-lovers who're still kinda holding on to their relationship and they still enjoy the occasional hook-up. But they both know that they can never get back together because it's either they're really not meant to be, or the other one is already starting a new relationship with another person. Daylight is about that last hook-up before they finally move on away from each other for good." Source: http://www.lyricinterpretations.com/Taylor-Swift/I-Knew-You-Were-Trouble Inner Ninja - Classified feat. David Myles Theme - What is it about?
Mood - How it makes you feel?
Figurative Language used?
What is the deeper meaning of the song?
Do you like/not like it? Why? Song Interpretations Like Poetry, songs are interpreted by people differently ... - Person, Place, Objects, Religion (Ex. Boyfriend - Justin Bieber) - Love, Anger, Jealousy, Regret, Desire (Ex. Stay - Rihanna) - Events, Relationships, Problems (Ex. Marry You - Bruno Mars) - Kiss, Tears, Hugs, Violence (Ex. Kiss You - One Direction) Theme - What is it about?
Mood - How it makes you feel?
Figurative Language used?
What is the deeper meaning of the song?
Do you like/not like it? Why? Inner Ninja - Classified feat. David Myles Song Writers try to send their message and emotions through their lyrics as we had seen on our last Activity.

In our next Activity, we are going to be the ones to send across our message and emotions through creative use of language.

We are going to be song writers.
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