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Our perspective on sales strategy

by Mark Blessington Consulting

Mark Blessington

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Our perspective on sales strategy

Target market penetration
Price realization
Brand integrity The sales function ensures ... Mark Blessington Consulting Sales Strategy *"The Selling Pyramid," first published by Mark Blessington in "Designing a Sales Strategy With the Customer in Mind," Compensation & Benefits Review, 1992 Where do your salespeople focus? Sales Strategy Marketing Strategy Corporate Strategy Sales Compensation Plan Goal: Strategic Alignment Recruiting &
Selection Training &
Coaching Career
Management Pay &
Recognition Job Design Selling Costs Value-Added Place Promotion Price Product Marketing Mix by E. Jerome McCarthy, 1960 Personal Selling
Customer Service Price Schedule
Volume Discounts Features and Benefits
Product Mix Distribution Sales Management Tools Corporate Strategy Marketing Strategy Sales Strategy Marketing Mix Product Price Promotion Place The "4 P's" Application Buyer Product as practiced by The Selling Pyramid* Application Product The Selling Pyramid Buyer The Selling Pyramid Partnership Selling Consultative Selling Cost-of-Ownership Selling Multi-Level Selling Post-Sale Service Relationship Selling Pressure Selling Feature Selling Order-Taking Pfizer: presenting drug studies to MDs IBM: cost-justified capital acquisition Amazon: internet sales McKinsey: the CEO club RR Donnelley: grow your business with print marketing Some famous sales approaches: Partnership Selling Consultative Selling Cost-of-Ownership Selling Multi-Level Selling Post-Sale Service Relationship Selling Pressure Selling Feature Selling Order-Taking Sales Management Tools Product mix
Efficient distribution
and so on ... (Can we increase customer profitability in a new way?) (Who are the buyers and what do they want from the sales process?) (How do I close this sale quickly?) Conclusion: Adding value during the sales process costs money! Which sales approach would be most profitable for you? Are your sales management tools strategically aligned? 1. What is our current sales approach?
By most salespeople
By our top salespeople
2. How do competitors sell?
3. What is our selling cost?
Overall, trends, compared to competition
For each phase of the sales cycle Background Information 1. Can we save money by moving down the sales pyramid?
More calls per day / more sales per day / lower cost per call?
Move some customers into lower cost sales channels
Sales cycle redesign or enhancements
Use of technology (e.g., internet, telemarketing, teleconferencing, etc.) Illustrative Analysis 2. Can we increase sales and profits by moving up the sales pyramid?
Hire more experienced salespeople
Better support the sales process (e.g., technical or customer support)
Integrate other staff functions (e.g., R&D, Finance) into the sales process Gather sales approach information from salespeople and customers

Conduct "SWOT" analysis
Define Strengths and Weaknesses
Look for Opportunities and Threats Sales strategy audit (c) Copyright 2013 Mark Blessington LLC. All rights reserved.
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