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The Candymakers

No description

Vickie Tan

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The Candymakers

General Information
The Candymakers
by Wendy Mass

Remember to copy this
down. It's very
Basic Elements
Protagonists: Logan Sweet, Miles
O'Leary, Daisy Carpenter, Philip
Ransford III
Logan's Traits: Funny, Creative, Cheerful
Miles' Traits: Shy, Quiet, Depressed
Philip's Traits: Hateful, Secretive, Mean
Daisy's Traits: Cheerful, Bubbly, Optimistic
Basic Elements continued...
Objectives and Motivations
Daisy needs to ***** (spoiler) something because she is getting paid for doing it
Logan needs to win the contest because his father and grandfather were Candymakers and won the Annual Candymaking contest. Everyone looks up to him to do the same.
Miles needs to participate in the contest because a librarian recommended it
Philip needs to win the contest because his father has plans up his sleeve and Philip NEEDS TO...
Beware of
ze Philip!
Daisy- Doesn't really understand the meaning of trust and friendship
Philip- Insults others too much and ALWAYS HAS TO WIN
Logan- Does not realize why others stare at him for a long time (I won't tell you or it will be a spoiler)
Miles- Something tragic happened to him (I won't tell either or it will be a spoiler) and so he is "allergic to all these things
This is as simple
as I can make for
More Basic Elements! OMG!
For Logan: Daisy, Philip, & Miles because
they are his competitors
For Miles: Daisy, Logan, & Philip because they are his competitors
For Daisy: Philip (spoiler), she can't let him ***** that because she needs to do that
For Philip: Daisy, Logan, & Miles because they are his competitors and he HAS TO... (there's not much to say about him except that he's not always what he seems)
Yeesh! Too many Basic Elements!
Flaws of the Antagonists:
For Logan:
Daisy- Doesn't have friends
Miles- Scared and allergic to weird things
Philip- Not very creative... ** ***** (spoiler)
For Philip-
Daisy- Gets worked up easily
Logan- Does not realize the scars on his body from an accident that happened between them (Philip and Logan) when they were younger
Miles- Scared of lots of things
For Miles-
Daisy:- Doesn'"t have friends
Logan- Doesn't realize why others stare at him
For Daisy-
Life is Good candy factory near Spring Haven
places in Spring Haven
ex. Verona Park
Confectionary Association's Annual Convention
Over the course of 3 days
Pages: 453
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Point of View: 3rd Person Limited
ex. the same event, different POV's, & you cannot read the other character's thoughts, only one at a time
"I don't like candy. It rots your teeth." -Logan's POV

Miles' POV- nonexistent quote
"She was about to... Philip announced that candy was bad for you." -Daisy's POV
" ...the truth...It was much easier to lie." -Philip's POV

Antagonists' Traits:
For Logan:
Daisy- cheerful, bubbly, optimistic
Philip- sarcastic, rude (or ** **???) (spoiler), secretive
Miles- shy, scared, pessimistic (or ** **?) (spoiler)
For Daisy:
Philip- sarcastic, rude, secretive
For Philip:
Daisy- jubilant, bouncy, merry
Logan- creative, unobservant, untroubled
Miles- melancholy, timid, worried
For Miles:
Daisy- joyful, kind, sunny
Logan- comical, jolly, unnoticing
Philip- condemning, unmannerly, smug
Antagonists and Their Objectives and Motivations:
For Daisy:
Philip- wants to win the contest because he wants to prevent his father from doing something bad and he ALWAYS HAS TO WIN!
For Logan:
Daisy- has to ***** something because she is being paid for it
For Philip:
Daisy- Has to ***** something because she was hired
Miles- Wants to win the contest because the librarian thought it would cure him from his depression
Logan- Wants to win the contest because he is counted on to follow his grandfather and father's footsteps (both Candymakers)
For Miles:
Daisy- Has to ***** something because she is hired for this
Philip- HAS TO WIN because he wants to prevent his father and  ALWAYS HAS TO WIN!
Logan- has to win the contest because he wants to live up to his expectations
Ugh, but MORE Basic Elements
man vs. man (internal and external b/
there are bad feelings for others to deal with and physical actions that hurt)
Logan, Miles, Daisy, and Philip are here to compete...or as you think at first...but not everything is as it seems. Philip, Miles, Logan, and Daisy all have objectives they want to fulfill, but their paths interlock unexpectedly. They sneak into places to get things, and uncover the objectives of each other.
The theme(s) of this book are:
Things aren't always what they seem to be
Things aren't always what they seem:
- " This was Philip?
- " ...I never blamed you for what happened to me."
- "These last few days with you and Miles and Daisy have been the greatest days of my life. And...You guys all treated me like I wasn't any different..."

Plot Stucture:
In the beginning, the book shows the same events over and over again in different POVs. In the end, the book is chronological, switching POVs and not repeating events.
Author's Style
The author
(Wendy Mass)

seems to like candy a lot (she describes the candy at Life is Sweet candy factory so precisely!),
relates to the audience (mostly kids) a lot through common life problems,
and develops her characters very carefully so people can relate to them (ex. Daisy's parents don't tell her anything vital, such as some kids today think).
When I was reading the book, I felt excited, suspenseful, and amused.
ex. "Judge Carol leaned into the mike. "Let the tasting begin!"
ex. "But who? Why? It was up to him to find out."
ex. "See?", Philip said. "I told you it was obvious!" "It's a brown glob of goop!" she shouted... Philip frowned."
Wendy Mass uses simple (for definitions) and descriptive words.
poised- having a composed manner
skeptical- having doubts
stutter- talking with an involuntary repetition of sounds
inevitably- certain to happen
withdraw- remove
Reader's Response

I recommend this book to:
Kids grades 3 to 7 (very young kids might not understand concepts and older kids will find this book childish)
Grown-ups who want to read bedtime stories to their children (this makes a satisfying bedtime story because it makes you want to continue reading everyday and makes you feel safe)
Lovers of candy (very good descriptions on the candy!)
Reader's Response (cont.)
I can connect to Logan. This is because Logan has scars and he doesn't notice that people stare at them a lot. Whenever I say the wrong answer when reviewing homework in class, I never notice other people *ahem, ahem* staring at me weirdly. After a couple classes, I figure it out, and I feel like it is too late, but it is not.
Ze End
A Prezi made by Vickie Tan
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