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No description

Mohamed El Sayed

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Bika

That offers people the chance to : And Finally Bikya
it Has 2 branches Nasr City & Maadi branch. A different aspect about Bikya is that it only targets productive talented people, it's not a regular library or bookstore for people to visit as it welcomes any new or unique type of workshops, concerts & many other activities. Tools -Sufi Targets youth, sells new books mainly and rare secondhand books, doesn’t host book discussions but host workshops and concerts. -Balsam Aims at developing children, showing kids movies with morals, hosts discussions, depends on selling books mainly as a source of profit and depends on the internet as a main tool for promotions. -Diwan has many branches, hosts concerts and workshops, sells secondhand books, offers extra services such as gift wrapping, loyalty cards, books exchange and children activities. 1) 20.17% of the sample is aware of Bikya. Questionnaire 3) 62.64% of the sample is interested in workshops. 4) 74.3% of the sample is willing to buy secondhand books.
5) 25.58% of the people who go to Bikya visit it to read. 6) 44.5% of the people who go to Bikya like its atmosphere the most. The main idea of this campaign is to inform our target about Bikya Bookstore which has changed the concept of traditional bookstores and the idea of selling used books, through an integrated marketing campaign that uses various communication tools to achieve the objectives of our campaign, aiming to create the Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA). Big idea of Bikya : Listen to talented bands and singers. Attend unique workshops & Play games, Sit and read secondhand books, In-Depth
Interview Questionnaire In-Depth
Interview Main results SWOT Analysis Strengths Not well- Known Variety of books Unique
Atmosphere Weaknesses Few Promotional materials Opportunities -74.3% of the sample accepts buying
secondhand books. Threats - Competitors who sell secondhand books -People are drawn to attending workshops at cultural centers rather than bookstores -Acceptance of attending concerts at bookstores Comfortable LOGO Slogan The campaign didn’t make any changes in the logo of Bikya as a request by the owners. Treasure your second look Main Objective to encourage creative new talents To create awareness To change the public's perception and create acceptance To encourage the idea of productivity to build strong relationship with the customers Target Audience Social Class
A&B Gender
both Males and Females Life style
Those who appreciate productivity and are active in society. Education
Highly educated segment mainly Students & fresh graduates and employed. Age
18-25 Media Plan A media plan was carried out, based on research results, as shown in the book. Here we used the life style & attitude strategies Strategy Wave Two
Take A Look 1st Wave
guess What ?! The duration: 1 months
The purpose: Grab the audience attention Include 1.Teasers 2.Internet ads 3.Billboards 4.Flash mob. The duration: 4 months
The purpose: Create awareness and desire include 5. Magazines 3. Radio 2. TV ads 6. Brochure 4. Billboards 1.Internet 8. Website 7. Sign System
in the street include 5. Activation 3. Ambient 2. Radio 6. Mobile App 4. Danglers 1.Social media
Activation 8. Social campaign 7. Flyers The purpose: Make an action, Achieve the customer satisfaction Wave Three
Give it a try 9. Social Responsibility event & Press release & Article Evaluation of the Campaign Our Plan for evaluating the effectiveness of Bikya’s Advertising Campaign is through using modern tools such as social media; Bikya’s Facebook fan page alongside its Twitter account. Competitors' 4Ps Table :
1.Mainly targeted at kids & youth

2.Encourages kids to read Arabic books

3.Workshops with competitions

4.Book signing

1.Reasonable prices compared to

1.Big Store

2.Special music (Mounir, Fairouz etc…).

3.Special kids atmosphere

1.New kind of promotion (samples of
books in schools)

2.Facebook & Twitter

3.Flyers of schedule 1.New books



4.Recycled products



7.Book signing

1.Books slightly cheaper than
other bookstores.

2.Reasonable prices for

1.Interior Islamic design

2.Well-organized book categories

3.Kids Area
Outdoor Area for workshops

1.TV Ads

2.FB Page


4.Flyers out of recycled
material 1.Delivery services

2.Photography Courses

3.Birthday offers

4.Animation workshops for kids

5.Used books
Book signings

1.Cheap prices for the used books

1.Light music

2.Books Scent

3.Located in the middle of the main areas
4.Security surveillance

1.Loyalty Card 1.Offers 2nd hand books (philosophy, sophism, psychology etc…

2.Unique workshop

3.Concerts (Underground and well-known)

4.Special events

1.Reasonable prices

2.Average workshop prices

3.Expensive stationary

1.Cultural atmosphere



4.Soft Music


1.Selling 2nd hand books ONLY & reading

2.Board games

3.Underground band concerts

4.Movie Nights

5.Workshops Adapts to circumstances 1.Reasonable, considering its 2nd hand 1.Cozy.

2.Soft Music 1.Active FB group

2-Twitter page Product Price Place Promotion USP consumer
behavior Dividing the IMC plan into 3 waves : 2) 72.02% of the sample know Bikya from friends , 24.4 % know it from social networks Friends Social networks 7)68.3% of the people who know bikya go to
Nasr City branch. Nasr city Maadi 8)55.8% haven't tried attending a workshop at a bookstore Bookstore Cultural centers 10. Giveaways Open Discussion Game Night Wrapping Department
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