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The Lightning Thief Plot Diagram

No description

David Pavlin

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief Plot Diagram

The Lightning Thief
Plot Diagram

Rising Action
Climax/Falling Action/ Resolution
Percy Jackson
Percy explains a little bit about himself and some of the issues he faces, like dyslexia. He also describes his loving mother and his obnoxious step-father, Gabe.
Percy also talks about his best friend, Grover who looks a little too old to be in the 6th grade. What Percy doesn't know is that Grover has been sent to protect him because he is a demi-god. Half human and half god.
The Field Trip
Percy is on his way to a greek museum for a field trip, and he is not very excited. He is just hoping he will not get into trouble like he normally does. Little does he know this will be the most eventful field trip yet.
When Percy and his class are leaving the museum, Mrs.Dodds asks Percy to talk with her in private. When Percy walks into the room, Mrs.Dodds had turned into a winged monster and was attacking Percy. Percy was saved by his teacher Mr.Brunner who turned out to be a centaur, not a crippled man.
Camp Half-Blood
Percy was rushed to Camp Half-Blood by his mother and Grover. Percy had no idea what was going on, but when he was at the gates of camp, a minotaur appeared and attacked, and killed his mother, (so he thought) Percy fought and slayed the minotaur then entered Camp Half-Blood.
After Percy was sent on a quest by camp, he was to find Zeus's lighting bolt, but Luke, a leader at camp, hid it inside Percy's shield so he would never know. Percy came across a garden with lots of stone statues. This was Medusa's garden and the statues were all the people she killed with her eyes. Percy, Annabeth and Grover kill Medusa without looking at her and take her head back to their motel room.

Percy found the bolt in his shield and was trying to bring it back to Zeus before he began war. When he was on his way, Luke was trying to stop him by attacking him! Percy fought back and won the battle. He then brought the bolt to Zeus and in doing so, he got to meet his father, Poseidon.
When Percy is back at camp, Luke pretends to apologize to him, but is really baiting him into the forest where he will try to kill him again. When they are deep in the forest, he tells Percy he is a servant of Kronos, the lord of the titans. Luke summons a pit scorpion, which is much more deadly than a normal one, and it attacks Percy. Thinking the creature will kill Percy, he runs out of the forest and exits camp. But Percy puts up a fight and kills the Scorpion and goes back to camp to tell everyone about what happened.
Falling Action
Percy it is almost the end of summer and Percy has to return home. He is sad to be leaving his friends but is happy he will be able to see his mother again. After saying goodbye to all of his friends, Percy boards the bus home to see his family.
Percy goes home to spend the summer with his mother and starts out at a new school in the fall. What Percy doesn't know, is that the next year will be just as crazy as this one!
By: David Pavlin
Thanks for

Hope you
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