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No description

Nemone Robinson

on 16 November 2011

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Transcript of Vampires!

Vampires! What Are Vampires? The origin of vampires... Vampires have been around since the Eygptians, but the actual term 'vampire' was not formed until the early 18th century! Suspicion about their existence grew massively when travellers told stories about their experiences in Eastern Europe, especially Transylvania. It was here that the vampire legend was born. In Romania, vamps are known as 'Strigoi' and in Greece (another country with a big vampire history) they are called 'vrykolakas!'

Vampires have always been known as dark, powerful and mythological creatures with a hunger for blood. We have been led to believe that they cannot stand garlic, sunlight and the cross. These beliefs have been stemmed from the many stories, books and films that have been released about vampires in the last twenty years. Who knows, maybe there is some truth about their existence...

Are Vampires Real? What do you think? What do scientist's know about vampires? When questions like "are vampires real" come up we usually tend ask scientist's for an explanation. I have done some research and it shows that scientist's think that it's all in your head, that you can believe anything your mind tells you to.
On the other hand scientists also look at the legend side of vampires stating that they simply do not know! What are people's opinions on vampires? Many people have a different point of view, but ever since the break out of books, movies and programmes about vampires more and more people are questioning the truth and deciding on what they themselves think. Some people believe in vampires, but not the immortal type of vampire. Some believe that vampires are everywhere and some believe that there is no such thing. In 2005 4% of Americans believed in vampires which is 12 million people- and that was just America- and if that was in 2005 before twilight and true blood and all the other movie, books and programmes came out then think how many people believe in vampires!
Some people even think that they are vampires! What do vampires like? And What do they dislike? There's not alot that vampires like or craves apart from Blood - Human blood. And the opposite of everything that the don't like so the dark and the moon ect.
Although there is a legend that vampires love counting things, that if you poured seeds all around your house, vampires would count everyone of them! There are a few strange things that vampires don't like, apart from the obvious garlic and sunlight there are certain things that vampires completely hate! Strange things like; Rosemary, peppermint, thyme, cinnamon, pine, lavender, basil and especially lemon. Legend says that if you crush some of these things together and mix with oil to make a"perfume" that it's far more efective to keep the vampires away!
Vampires also hate the thought of being staked. The only way to kill a vampire is to stake them - put a sharp knife right through their heart, although stroies say that the sun can kill them by burning them, or that you can chop off their heads.......
All the things that irritate vampires are the same as other blood sucking creatures such as mosquito although they are not related! How to turn into a vampire To turn into a vampire a vampire has to willingly give you some of their blood. But once you've swallowed the vampire blood your body digests the blood and it slowly and painfully stops your heart and your body goes limp and you die. But then you wake up and you are a vampire!
Other legends say that you have to become close to death and a vampire saves you by sucking your blood Programmes, movies and books with vampires in Dracula One of the most famous vampires of all time is, of course, Count Dracula. Vlad, the son of Dracul, was born into a noble family in Translyvania, 1431, and was known as the 'son of the devil.' Vlad ruled in time of ferocious war and hardship: His father was murdered, his brother blinded by hot irons, and Vlad himself was kidnapped by both the Turks and the Hungarians. He was known as 'Vlad the impaler,' as his favourite method of torture was to impale people, and leave them writhing in agony for days. He was once said to have a banquet surrounded by hundreds of his impaled victims, dipping his bread in their blood!

The Count. was Bram Stokers fictional character in his 1897 book, 'Dracula'. This immortal monster is said to have been based on Vlad Tepes (or Vlad Dracula,) a Hungarian dictator whos name translated into 'son of a dragon.' The story itself was about Draculas attempt to relocate to England from Transylvania, and the troubles he faced along the way. Some say that Translyvania sits on one of the Earths strongest magnetic fields, and its people have extra-sensory abilities!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer True Blood The Vampire Diaries Wizards Of Wavely Place Wizards Vs. Vampires Twilight Saga Vampire Diaries Dracula The Radleys Twilight Saga Cirque Du Freak Interview With A Vampire Blade Ninja's Vs Vampires Salem's Lot Salem's lot Salem's Lot was a true story about vampires... Read or watch it to find out more!! Here is the trailer from the latest vampire phenomenom... Thank you for watching my prezi on vampires, i hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new! Here is a short clip with a few pictures from Salem's Lot - Just to give you a taster!.. Or just to frighten you!
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