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Proyecto Final

Roberto Vigil

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Redes

Ctrl+Alt+Del Networking Solutions Equipment Switching Wireless Routing Speed is essential
Scalability for future purposes
Integrated QoS
Virtual LAN to keep tracks
Open Possibilities (VoIP, Server Farms, Printers)
Faster Speeds
Larger Range
Fault Tolerance
VLAN Compatible
4 Different SSID
Bandwith Allocation
PoE (Injectors needed)
Multimedia QoS

Wireless N AP
Ultra fast Wired Connections
Broadband usage metter
Multimedia QoS
Double Firewall Protection

Trendnet TWGXXXWS Series Trendnet TEW653AP Netgear WNR3500 Network Scheme Blueprints VPN Subnetting Connectivity between large distances.
Improve security
It economizes resources unlike other solutions
Provides a scalable network.
Remote Support Benefits
It is compatible with broadband connections.
It can provide local calls.
Information transfer encrypted and secure.
It offers quality and speed.

Constant signal loss because of the boat traffic.
Costly installation and maintenance.
Damage to the medium or long term for being installed outdoors.
Continuing problems for physical redirection of the antenna.

Expensive, usually charge per km link and data traffic.
Not all areas are wired with this type of lines.
You need a private line for each point to interconnect .

Directional Antenna: Private Line provided by a ISP: Other solutions How does it work? First Building Second Building Subnetting with a public class B IP provided by the ISP.

3 floors:
One subnet for each floor
6 available subnets
16382 hosts available for each subnet
Fault tolerance Subnetting with a private class B IP provided by the ISP.

2 floors:
One subnet for each floor
6 available subnets
8190 hosts available for each subnet
Fault tolerance
Security Authentication
Deditcated VPN Software
VPN Access Point Mac filtering
IP filtering
Denial of service
User Isolation
Up to 256 VLANs
Mac filtering Switch Router NETGEAR Live Parental Controls keeps your Internet experience safe by blocking inappropriate Internet content

Broadband Usage Meter measures Internet traffic volume and provides customized usage alerts
Push 'N Connect and Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) ensure a quick and secure network connection
Double firewall protection
Denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention
Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS)
Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK) and WEP Live Parental Controls, powered by OpenDNS™
Blocks unsafe Internet content and applications
Customize settings through Web browser, accessible remotely
Protects connected devices through the router such as PCs, gaming consoles, and iPod touch®
Broadband Usage Meter measures Internet traffic volume and provides customized usage alerts First Building First floor First Building Second floor First Building Third floor Second Building Second floor Second Building First floor Networking Standards ISO/IEC-IS 11801
Used Standards 2 Nodes per connection
Maximum distance allowed between closet and connection is 50m
Closets must be vertically aligned
Main Characteristics Eco-Networking Green technology is a really important part in this project, most of all in the selection of devices.
In the selection of our devices we decided to choose the best solution in terms of efficiency but also being responsible with our planet.

Green Elements Green features of our network devices Powered by an Energy Star qualified adapter for a better environment.
Includes a power saver mode and also a sleep mode.

Green Gigabit Ethernet switch optimizes power consumption
Convenient on/off switch to conserve energy
Packaging manufactured with at least 80% recycled materials
Domotic Solutions Access Points
Low power consumption of 19 Watts.

Energy Star is a joint program of the Environmental Agency Protection United States and the Department of Energy (DOE). The Energy Star certification sets stringent levels of energy consumption for a variety of products with the goal of reducing energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gas.

Energy Star
Green features of our network devices Router In our project the objective is to try to minimize the power consumption, not only in the devices but also with the Air Conditioners.
• View current room and outdoor air temperature
• View and change current room setpoint
• Change controller variables
(in field service mode)
• Backlit programmable LCD display
• Configurable display
• Field service mode Air Conditioning
If we want to control the temperature of our equipment we have to get a good temperature sensor

Temperature sensors for duct or water, sensing element 10 kohm, operating range -40 to 150 oC.

Power Switching
Simple to install and easy to program
Native features include an astronomical time clock

Occupancy sensing to turn off lights when they are not needed, daylight harvesting to harness natural light from windows and skylights, and emergency override to assure safe and reliable lighting

Intelligent Microset wall sensors, Microset II

Green Light® Power Switching Cabinets
Project Codename: The Crab Project Crab conclusions Our project is based in four main ideas:

•Compatibility and future vision

•Network Standards


Money Final Estimate Servers
PowerEdge R710 Intel XEON E5520 2.26 MHZ
Ram: 12 GB
Storage capacity: 500 GB expandable to 3 TB
Netextreme Gigabit Ethernet

Red Hat Enterprise edition

To this number we decided to add a
29% charged for time and effort of the
Ctrl + Alt + Supr Team members

This gives us a grand total of: $20, 000 Energy Smart technologies designed to reduce power consumption

Energy Smart Power Supply Units (PSUs) are engineered and “right sized” to achieve some of the highest efficiencies in the industry by taking unneeded overhead out of the server power envelope.

Dell Energy Smart System Design: Dell delivers breakthrough system design by leveraging high-efficiency voltage regulators, greater venting and airflow, “low-flow” fan technology, and advanced resource management to help maximize performance per watt. Green features of our network devices Servers or 10.2092905 million Costa Rican colones
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