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Mexican Immigration and Racism

No description

Maddie Edgington

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Mexican Immigration and Racism

Mexican Immigration
Countries whom migrated to Mexico
United States
They all moved there because they were looking for work.
Countries which Mexico immigrated to
United States
United Kingdom
They moved to all of these places because they were in need of work.
Living Conditions while in migrant camps
The work was very rough and crucial, and their pay wasn't very reasonable either. Sometimes their house were either in ditches or small tents.

Many Mexicans moved to the United States in search of a job
The Mexicans had to work long hours, and not even getting much money from those long hours

Vocabulary Words
Maquiladoras- The United States owns a factory and the mexicans get very little pay.
Campesinos- Farmer or peasant.
Border Industrialization Program- To minimize unemployment.
Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)- Law banning illegal mexican recruits, and was signed by Ronald Reghan.

Examples of Racism they faced while in the United States
The owners of the camps and farms made the mexicans do extreme work, while not even getting enough money to feed their family's.
Quick Summary
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All the pictures are from Prezi.com
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