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Metamorphic Rock Station

No description

Mike Rogers

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Metamorphic Rock Station

1. All other metamorphic rocks have layers, why don't these? 2. Which rock do you think was the original "parent" of this metamorphic rock? 3. Minerals aren't normally round. What happened to the mineral in the center of this image? 4. This rock formed deep below the surface under enourmous pressure and temperatures close to melting. What observations can you make to support this idea? 5. If I told you that I found this metamorphic rock between two sedimentary rocks layers, would you believe me or call me a liar? 6. This rock was heated up to almost melting, it was put under high amounts of shearing pressure. The rock was molded and bent before the pressure and heat finally came back down to normal. What observations can you make to support this? 7. Which rock do you think was the original "parent" of this metamorphic rock? 8. Put these metamorphic rocks into order from least metamorphosed to most. 9. Are there other ways this rock could have been changed when it was under heat and pressure? 10. Why do some metamorphic rocks have thinner layers than others? 11. Why can't you seem to find any fossils in these kinds of rocks 12. What are some characteristics you would use to group metamorphic rocks together? How many categories can you make? There's only one mineral in there. How do you get layers with only 1 ingredient? ;p = The mineral got rotated and sheared inside the rock. :O Bent Layers! I'm a big fat liar. How can there have been high pressure and temps between two other layers... that weren't affected too. :/ The minerals were even bent at the microscopic level!!! = Most changed least changed The atoms could have been changed (remember fossils?) Because some have been more changed than others. Thicker layers = more baking. Did you see what happened to some of the minerals in there?!!
Bones and shells are destroyed at those temperatures. Layers vs. No Layers?
Color... composition?
Thickness of layers? 12-9 Expert 8-5 Intermediate 4-0 Novice Rocks Rock
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