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Bantu migration

No description

quintionna parks

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Bantu migration

Bantu Migration Background Information
The Bantu migrated from the Congo to the present day Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.
Reasons for their migration were drought, famine, expansion of population, tribal conflicts, and disease.
The Bantu Migration was the largest expansion in human history.
Some Bantu speaking groups were: Batoro, Kikuyu, Akamba, Talta, Chagga, and many other smaller groups. (These are ethnic groups.)
Positive Impacts, Causes, and Long-term Effects on Africa from Bantu Migration Continued...
:Iron working was introduced.
: Bantu people discovered iron tools and soon found out that it made cultivating land faster and easier. They made their own tools and got to work.
:Introduction of iron tools to interior East Africa, who at first used stone tools, but started to use iron tools causing and increase in food production.
:Depopulation occurred.
:Frequent attacks made by the Bantu against East Africa for land.
:There was a drastic decrease in population over a long period of time, due to the many deaths oBantu people in the wars.
negative impacts, causes, and long-term effects of Bantu migration continued...
:There was a loss of culture.
:The Bantu intermarried with non-Bantu people.
:Cultural absorption led to the loss of culture in people who the Bantu came in contact with.


Positive Impacts, Causes, and Long-term Effects on Africa from Bantu Migration
:Religion was widely passed on (Christian and/or Muslim).
:Bantu people felt that embracing their religion would bring them good fortune with the gods. This caused them to spread their religions to others and keep many spirits alive.
:This impact caused people even today, in Africa, to continue to blend traditions and cultures banding together as a society.

Bantu migration
quintionna parks

hailey juniel
tyler spencer
keara dillon
, and
brianna smado

: Introduction of new crops (yams and bananas).There was extensive crop cultivation.
:Bantu Migration began due to famine and disease, so when they found a place that could change that, they decided to plant crops and try to get rid of famine.
: Crop cultivation introduced "subsistence agriculture,"meaning that there was a huge increase in food production.
negative impacts, causes, and long-term effects of Bantu migration
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