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GBS Capabilities Packers

No description

scott Arnim

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of GBS Capabilities Packers

Packers Plus and GBS - The RIGHT Play What we know about Packers Innovator of multi-stage fracturing systems GBS Compliance Healthcare Reform

Legislative & Regulatory Monitoring

Day-to-Day Compliance Concerns

Ongoing Compliance Support Actuarial Support Provide in-house team of actuaries and underwriters

Tie plan design and cost to disease management and wellness goals

Monitor utilization and large claims

Regular monthly reporting and executive summary

Incurred But Not Reported (IBNR) updates

Cost Saving Initiatives Employee Engagement Websites Core Values: Operational Excellence, Innovation and Customer Intimacy Remain Focused and Committed to Growth GBS has the resources to help Packers
increase cash flows and promote
shareholder wealth Compliance and Technical Support Actuarial Support Customized Employee Communications Creative Cost Containment Measures In-house Total Health Management Team Benefit Advocate Services Benefits Administration Support Healthcare Reform Compliance and Tools Oil and Natural Gas Focused What we would like to know about Packers' Benefits Are Packers' benefit offerings consistent with the internal
values being promoted?

What is the employee's perception of the benefit program?

Has Packers evaluated the impact of healthcare reform from a eligibility, financial and plan design perspective?

What back office support does Packers have to serve employees
and to ensure they are satisfied consumers of benefits?

Are contracts written to fully protect Packers?

What outcomes is Packers trying to achieve that the current representation is not providing? Understand key provisions of PPACA that apply to Packers today and in the future, as regulations unfold

Develop a range of options, both short-term and long-term, that supports Packer's strategy

Create and follow a detailed action plan that will guide Packer's overall response to PPACA Healthcare Reform Tools HCR Planner Interactive tool that helps Packers create a concrete action plan to keep abreast of the rapidly changing and evolving healthcare reform rules HCR Financial Outlook Comprehensive statistical model that compares the choices available to Packers on the expected financial impact of PPACA Health Rating Model One of the most sophisticated rating engines available to help Packers understand the financial impact of federally mandated health plan changes Workforce Evaluation A simple yet powerful tool that provides a unique perspective on the alignment between your benefits and total rewards program and your current and future workforce. Day-to-Day Compliance Support Annual Compliance Planning Guide

Compliance training for HR staff (FMLA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, 125 plan rules, etc.

COBRA support and compliance monitoring

FMLA compliance review

Provide HIPAA compliance analysis, policies and procedures

Provide IRS and DOL audit support

Prepare signature-ready Form 5500s Ongoing Support Compliance Communications Wellness Support Benefit Advocacy What if Packers employees had one phone number and email to address all concerns related to their benefits? Benefits for Employees Learn how to get the most out of their benefits

Increase satisfaction

One-stop-shop for all questions - saves time, money and worry

Obtain correct benefit answers when needed

Speak with an experienced benefit and claim expert

Help balance work and personal life Benefits for Packers Ease burden on human resources staff

Supported by a team of experiences insurance benefit experts

Increase productivity and retention; reduces absenteeism, illness and claims

Reduce grievances and claim appeals

Reduce claim billing errors

Independent, confidential and reliable Health Management In-house Wellness Consultants will: Evaluate, Design and Guide Evaluation Audit existing program (if it exists)

Identify goals and objectives

Evaluate population

On-site review to gain understanding of culture

Analysis of plan cost drivers

Year-end evaluation with a strong focus on risk factor reduction and ROI analysis Design Create a comprehensive program calendar

Develop marketing strategy and program branding

Integration of carrier, EAP, DM, vendor programs and community resources

Guide vendor selection process based upon evaluation

Assist with engagement strategies, including incentive design Guide Provide ongoing support

Make recommendations based on changing claims data

Lead wellness committee meetings

Program design and marketing Gallagher Energy Group Consists of over 300 energy clients across the country National energy niche headquartered in Houston
Regional experts located around the globe GBS work in energy sector includes: Actuarial support including retiree benefits (FAS 158 evaluations)
Safety/wellness program evaluation and integration
International benefits
Total rewards statements and benchmarking
Mergers and Acquisitions
Fulfillment services
Retirement consulting
Communication campaigns Proprietary Resources and Tools Value Proposition Gallagher Benefit Services One of the largest consulting firms in North America

Specializing in Executive Benefits, International Benefits, HR Consulting and Retirement

We are guided by The Gallagher Way We adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior.
Loyalty and respect are earned - not dictated
We push for professional excellence We are recognized by Local Service, National Resources Our Goal To be a tier one consultant world wide and be recognized as the most trusted advisor in the industry Focus The design, planning, delivery and administration of employee benefit, retirement and HR consulting for employers and their executives Competitive Differentiation Distinct benefits, focused business model; full-service firm, proven consolidator in evolving industry, full complement of resources and cultural advantage
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