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Launching a New Republic

No description

Sabin Scott White

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Launching a New Republic

Launching a New Republic
1. Washington's Presidency
2. Challenges to the New Government
3. Federalists in Charge

What political traditions and tensions first appeared in the early years of the new republic?
Presidential precedents, paying debts, collecting revenue through taxes and tariffs, strict versus loose interpretation of the constitution, protecting american interests, establishing the power to enforce laws, Establishing right of neutrality and treaties to establish American rights. Development of the political parties, Arguments about states rights
Washington's Presidency

Learning Targets:
1. Students can analyze the importance of Washington's actions establishing precedents for future presidents and justify which precedent made the most impact by writing a short constructed response.

2. Students can identify how the Nation's financial problems were addressed by Alexander Hamilton's ideas by selecting options used by Hamilton from a variety of possibilities. (multiple choice)
Challenges to the New Government

Learning Targets

1. Students can identify challenges faced by the new government and how they were resolved by selecting accurate evidence from selected excerpts.

2. Students can identify how US policies with foreign nations affected Americans at home by answering a multiple choice question.
Federalists in Charge

Learning Targets

1. Students can determine why political parties developed and distinguish differences between the first parties by categorizing different characteristics of each political party.

2. Students can explain issues dividing Americans during Adams presidency and the conflict over states rights by writing a short constructed response.

LT1. precedents by Washington
Mr. President
Two Terms
George Washington established important presidential precedents such as being called Mr. President, establishing a cabinet, and serving only two terms. In a short well-written response analyze why Washington's precedents were important, and justify which precedent had the greatest impact.

LT2: Hamilton's ideas were:
1. Pay off all war debts
a. National gov assumes all state debt
b. created of national capital (compromise)
2. Raising gov revenue - Tariffs
3. Created a National Bank
a. Safe place to keep money
b. Make loans to business and gov
c. Issue paper money (bank notes) for currency
d. Loose interpretation of the Constitution vs Strict
Strict vs Loose interpretation of the Constitution
"Necessary and Proper Clause"/Elastic Clause
Whiskey Rebellion
French Revolution
Jay's Treaty
Pinckney's Treaty
LT1: Challenges of the New Government
Problems at home
1. Competing claims to territory
Spain, Britain, Native Americans
2. Whiskey Rebellion - National Government establishes the ability to enforce national laws.
Problems Abroad
1. Remaining neutral in French/British conflict
2. Continued conflict between Hamilton/Jefferson
LT2: Affect on U.S. Foreign Relations
Jay's and Pinckney's Treaties
1. Greater sense of Security
2. Less fear of European hostility
3. Reduced tension on the frontier


Political Party
Democratic Republicans
State's Rights
LT1: Political Parties
1. Differences on foreign and domestic policies led to the development of Political Parties
2. Federalists
a. Hamilton and Adams
b. Strong national gov
c. Loose interpretation of constitution
d. Favored national bank
e. Economy based on manufacturing, trade, and cities
f. Supported by northern merchants and manufacturers
3. Democratic Republicans
a. Jefferson and Madison
b. Opposed strong national government
c. Strict interpretation of constitution
d. Opposed national bank
e. Economy based on agriculture; a rural nation of farmers
f. Supported by farmers, urban workers

LT2: Issues Dividing Americans
1. France - Seizing US ships
a. XYZ Affair
b. War with France?
2. Alien and Sedition Act
3. States Rights -
a. Virginia Resolution - State rights
b. Kentucky Resolution - States rights and Nullification
During Adam's presidency Americans were divided over going to war with France, the Alien and Sedition Act, and issue of states' rights. In a short well written response explain how the two political parties were divided over the Alien and Sedition Acts or the issue of state's rights. Be sure to include the point of view from both sides of the issue.
Citing evidence from text
compare and contrast political parties
multiple choice questions
short constructed response
Analyzing precedents
identifying best response

Lessons and Activities-LT1
1. Read the excerpt Washington's Presidency,
pages 313-314, from your textbook.
2. Define what a precedent is. -Paragraph 1-page 313
3. List the two precedents Washington
established that are mentioned.Paragraph 1-page 314
and paragraph 6-page 314
4. Add that Washington set a precedent of only
serving two terms.
5. Choose which of the three precedents you think is
most important and justify (explain and give reasons)
why you think it is most important.

LT2 Lessons and Activities

1. Brainmoves: Debt Graph 1789-91
2. Flip Chart notes (activinspire)
3. Video review -- How does the video
connect to the notes. Check elements of
the notes that appear in the video
LT 1 Lesson Challenges to the New Government
1. BrainMoves Discuss Image of Fallen Timbers
What do you see? Be specific! i.e. Lower right quadrant foreground or center background-- "man on horse with gun"
Discussion questions
a. What do you think is happening?
Battle between N.A. and American Settlers
b. Who is winning?
c. Whose point of view is this image from?
2. Read pp. Problems at Home 319-321; stop at Trouble in Backcountry. Multiple choice Questions -- what challenge, how resolved, effect on Nation
Class set, student writes question and letter of answer, then writes correct answer.
3. Read pp. 321 Trouble in Back Country and Farmer's Revolt -- Multiple Choice -- what challenge, how resolved, effect on Nation
Class set, student writes question and letter of answer, then writes correct answer.
4. Discussion of French Revolution Image
5. Read Problems Abroad 322 - M C - what challenge, how resolved, effect on Nation
Class set, student writes question and letter of answer, then writes correct answer.

LT2: Effect on Foreign Relations
1. Document (image) Discussion
2. Read Problems Abroad 323 Multiple Choice
what challenge, how resolved, effect on Nation
Class set, student writes question and letter of answer, then writes correct answer.

Questions using text and map for Pinckney's Treaty

LT 1 Political Differences and Growth of Political Parties

1. Reading Excerpt
2. Completion of chart completing chart comparing Federalists and Democratic-Republicans
LT 2 Issues dividing Americans during John Adams presidency

1. Read pages 329-332
2. Close Reading Guide
3. Short Constructed Reponse

Summative Assessment
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