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The Geography of the Middle Colony

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Heather young

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of The Geography of the Middle Colony

Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania were considered the middle colonies. They were often referred to as the breadbasket colonies because they grew so much wheat.
Glaciers scooped up the soil from New England and settled in the Middle Colonies. Once melted, the soil was fertile on the hills and valleys. Why would fertile soil be important?
It made the Middle Colonies a great farming region. The growing season was much longer than New England. The Middle Colonies had many sunny days and plenty of rain.
The Geography of the Middle Colonies!!
The Middle Colonies
Label your Map!
Forest and Rivers
The Delaware and Hudson Rivers were ideal for transportation. Farmers used riverboats to sell crops and bring supplies to their farms. The woods were full of wildlife. Colonists hunted and trapped animals such as deer and beavers.
Viola, Herman. "The Middle Colonies." Social Studies. Vol. 1. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005. 162,189-191. Print.

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New York
Belonged to English Landowners.
Settlement Began in 1664, when England captured the Dutch Colony of New Netherland.
King of England gave this colony to his brother James, the Duke of York.
James became the colony's proprietor.
He kept part of the large colony and gave the rest to his friends, John Berkely and George Carteret.
They divided their land and named it East Jersey and West Jersey.
New Jersey

1702, the colonies joined to form New Jersey.
Each owner wanted to make money so they decided to divide the fertile land into smaller pieces and sell or rent to the colonist to farm.
The proprietors lived in England and that made it difficult for them to control their land so they choose a small group of people called a council to help make important decisions.
William Penn founded Pennsylvania.
He was a member of the religious group called the Quakers.
They believed that all Christians should be free to worship in their own way.
King Charles II owed money to Penn's family and repaid Penn by giving him a large piece of land in the Middle Colonies.
He called the region Pennsylvania.
Means "Penn's Woods"
The Duke of York later gave Penn more land and it later became the colony of Delaware.

Penn made fair treaties with them or Lenni Lenape Indians when he bought land from them.
Penn's fairness helped Pennsylvania's colonists and Indians live together peacefully for years.
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