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Horror stories shouldn't be read by teens

No description

Nema Jones

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Horror stories shouldn't be read by teens

Horror stories shouldn't be read by teens
Teens should not be exposed to the horror genre, because their minds might not be developed or ready for all the imformation that is hidden in the horror genre.
Reasons why
Teens my age should not be exposed to any type of horror because they might get scarred, or get in there minds that it is funny and do what the story said. For example they might kill someone like the younger man does to an old man in the book "The Tell-Tale Heart". Teens my age may also commits suicide, murder, or homicide depending on what kind of horror book they are reading.
How It Effects Teens
Horror can effect teens by giving you different heath problem, and phobias. Some of the symptoms that you can get from horror are a pounding heart, clenched, or sweaty hands, screaming, and crying.
I got some of my information from the article "The Lasting Effects of Horror Movies on Children and Teens". the article talked about how horror can effect teens, and also a health article that was made by cvs.
The Effect of Horror
By: Nema Jones
Interesting fact
When teens my age read or watch horror, they are just looking for a jolt to the nervous system and a roundabout peek at our inner fears.
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