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Video Games and Eating Habits

Do video games effect how you eat?

Ethan Crockett

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Video Games and Eating Habits

Ethan: exercising: sheppard's pie
video games: cheezits, gold fish jello
Kieser: exercising: sheppard's pie
video games: takis,candy,jello mayoclinic.com says that people that just exercised are more inclined to eat protein bars,granola bars, and other things that are healthy it is possible! here are some results that show what WE were inclined to eat after playing video games, then after being active. is it possible, that if you play too much video games, that your eating habits can change? DOES GAMING AFFECT YOUR EATING HABITS? didyouknowgaming.com says that while/after playing video games you are more inclined to eat snack things like doritos and other unhealthy things here's some gaming for you
guys' entertainment please clap because we are cool Plan: slide 1 ethan 1 min.
slide 2 jed 2 min.
slide 3 kieser 2 min.
slide 4 brandon 2 min
slide 5 no one
slide 6 video 4 min
slide 7 no one
slide 8 no one
slide 9 this is slide 9
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