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Julian Angalo DI Paola

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of GEORGE BROWN

political history
What conferences did George Brown participate in what was their contribution
Fairness: did his actions enhance or detract from the uniqueness of each province’s
a Father of Confederation
Cooperation: did his actions encourage or discourage relationships between provinces
why or why not did they want Confederation
Contribution to Confederation
He contributed to the making of Canada west and Canada east into two separate provinces. The reason for this is that he wanted them to be able to make their own decisions and not interfere with each other. Splitting into two provinces ended the dead lock they had sharing the same province making it easier for them to cooperate with each other as one country.
the pros and cons of Confederation
.have to decide on one thing as a nation; ( more comprimises)
.loss of power to the individual colonies
.security from war
.more resources and capabilities
.there is more to share
which colony/province did George Brown represent
Canada west
Yes George Brown did want Confederation as he is a father of Confederation. George Brown spoke out for Rep by Pop and like most Liberals wanted Free Trade with the USA but his most famous speech, or one of them, in the House in 1865 was very pro Confederation.
Brown was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada in 1851. Mr. Brown wanted the English speakers of Canada west (Ontario) to have more say in government than the the french speakers in Canada east (Quebec). the reason for this is that there was the population of Canada west was growing faster the the population in Canada east but they had the same amount of representatives. George Brown thought this was unfair and he demanded 'rep by pop', representation by population.
1: Charlottetown conference spring 1864 was a meeting of the Maritime colonies to consider a Maritime Union and George Brown along with John a.macdonald proposed a larger union including both Canadas.
2: Quebec conference October 1864 they discuses the more practical aspects better trade and a railway system under one authority
3: London conference December 1866 George Brown was one of only sixteen delegates from the north american colonies who went to London to oversee the negotiations with the british government to past the BNA act that made the four colonies into the one independent country of Canada.
When did they joined and under what terms did they join
they joined in 1864 if they joined together they would take over the debt of the colonies they would make a railroad that would join all the colonies and provinces.
George Brown did encourage relationships between provinces by breaking the deadlock between Canada west and Canada east.
Sovereignty: did his actions enable or disable each province’s ability to control its affairs
it enable the provinces sovereignty because prior they did not have it as it rested in the hand of the British government
Identity: did his actions promote or impede each province’s unique culture
Did you know ?
George Brown was saved from drowning in the Don River by William Peyton Hubbard. Brown encouraged Hubbard to go into politics and he became the first black deputy mayor of Toronto.
Mr. Brown promoted each province's unique culture by letting them keep there separate identity as a province within a large strong country.
Even though he had insisted on rep by pop each Province had a guaranteed say in the senate





.Eric my neighbor
Do you see my smile ?
George Brown
George Brown
find George ?
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