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Human Reflexes

No description

Jasmin Corral

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Human Reflexes

By Zoe White and Jasmin Corral Human Reflexes Introduction Blushing Yawning Sneezing

We don't have to work as hard.
Our body stays balanced.
We save energy.
It's less pressure on our legs.
We hit the ground with more force.
Walk in a "smoother motion". Swinging Your Arms
When You Walk A baby yawning. A woman sneezing. A woman walking with swinging arms. A girl blushing. Why Do We Sneeze?
Sneezing happens when the "sensitive lining" of your nose is "irritated".
It means when something is up there that shouldn't be. Examples- Viral infection, pollen, or animal hair.
Pretty much anything that will tickle your nose.
When your nose senses something that shouldn't be there, it sends a message to your brain which causes, a reflex. What Causes You To Yawn?
Pandiculation is when you yawn and stretch together.
Yawning is usually caused by boredom or being tired. But not only that.
No one really knows why we yawn, but there are many guesses.
We usually cannot hold or control a yawn, but sometimes it isn't a real or full yawn.
It is usually started by something or someone else. Or maybe a way to change from tired to alert.
We can hear someone talk about, we can think, or see someone yawn, and it will make us yawn. Pandiculation How Does Swinging Our Arms When We Walk Help Us/ Allow Us To Walk Faster? Why Do We Blush?
Blushing and embarrassment usually go together. One causes the other.
Blushing from embarrassment is controlled by the same system that starts your fight-or-flight response.
When your embarrassed your body kicks in with the adrenaline.
Adrenaline also causes your blood vessels to get bigger, which then causes "local" blood flow to your cheeks.
There are other ways, when our cheeks flush, such as getting complimented in a "flirty" way, but only embarrassment blushing is started with adrenaline. Thanks for Watching.(: What is it!? I don't know yet... Almost there.....
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