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Case Study: Alibaba.com

No description

Sara Zahid

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Alibaba.com

Case Study: Alibaba.com
Alibaba Group Story
Alibaba.com Business Model
Conceptual Framework
Contents of our Presentation:

Introduction to the Chapter
Background of E-Commerce
Background of Alibaba Group
Alibaba.com Business Model
SWOT Analysis of Alibaba.com
Porter's five forces
Why go International
Ways to Internationalize
Difficulties and Challenges
Solution ? E-Commerce
Growth of E-Commerce
Why E-commerce
Ability to reach new markets
Reduces Costs
Access to the Global Market
More efficient (electronic payments, telecommuting, etc.)

Facilitation Institutions
Facilitation Institutions
Forecasts according General Manager, Alibaba.com

Mobile, mobile and more mobile
Free and faster shipping
Business without borders
Content marketing is essential
Growth of guided discovery
Consumer-driven demand and personalization
It’s still about the brand

Annie Jie Xu
U.S. General Manager, Alibaba.com

• Acquisition of U.S based web-company

• Mass advertisements, all over the internet

• Harvest from sticking to differentiation

• Take part in sponsoring activities to gain recognition worldwide

Recommendation Continued...
Tap Emerging Markets
Brazil: Growth $18.7 billion by 2017

Russia: Growth $9 billion by 2016

Chile: 71% of Internet users shop online

Mexico: Online sales to hit $ 4,4 billion by 2016

UAE: 78% Internet penetration rate leads the middle East

Malaysia: Online retail to double from $250 million

Uruguay: Online retail to double by 2016 from $43 million
Alibaba.com Website
Alibaba.com Customer Base
200 million U.S citizens will be shopping online by 2015
Research by: eMarketers.com
Source: infifthgear.com – US Ecommerce Growth Stats

Source: Alibaba Group – Marketing Manager Presentation

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