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No description

anna Newsham

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Furries

By Anna Newsham
words in the furry culture..
furry - c. a person who likes 'anthro animals'.
d. covered with fur.
fur - d. someone who is a furry.
c. the short, fine, soft hair of certain animals.
a symbol in the furry culture..
This is the Phipaw, which is used
as a " discreet way of telling others
you're furry" without having to ask.
"Telephone Ring Ring"
They created a species called
"Sushi-Dogs", which are
dogs based off food
and drink. They sell for
over $200, even, since
so many want them.
fursuit - c. a costume/suit made to look like a furry character.
d. suit of fur.
However, some choose to create their own
Phipaw (paw print) based on their fursona,
or to not use the Phipaw at all.
persona - c. a character made to look like/represent yourself, called a fursona in furry subculture.
d. the image or personality that a person presents to other people.

I wanted to research the furry
subculture, because I'm a part of it,
and I find it really cool.

A "furry" is someone with an interest
in Anthropomorphic animal characters;
animals who sometimes
wear human clothes,
and have human
Partial- c. not a full fursuit, just like, a tail/ears/head/arms.
d. not complete or total.
furcon/con - d. a furry convention.
c. persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.
feral - d. a furry who isn't an anthro, and walks on four legs instead of two. more an
animal. resembling a wild animal.
c. resembling a
wild animal.
5 important people in the furry culture
works cited
a well-known fursuiter, who made a species
of their own called angel-dragons.
Artwork Piece
artwork explained
its a fursona enjoying
the summer time. it was drawn
during the summer, and the
artist was excited for summer.
this image matters to the artist,
and all their fans.
the creator of this image likes
summer and their fursona.
the purpose was to show they're
happy about summer time,
and to draw.
a thematic statement could be...
when it's summer time,
everything is carefree
and fun.
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If the true meaning of furry you wish to understand
You must think in terms of paw and not hand
You must release your mentality from society's cage
For furry prefurs no race, sex, persuasion or age

You must sort through the hype and the exploitation
Because to be furry needs no justification
It is to reach out and embrace the unknown
To be surrounded by friends and yet still be alone

It is not a gimmick or a political movement
It's nothing so pretentious as a method of improvement
It's only to seek solace in the presence of friends
For when one is furry, the search never ends

It is sometimes to be controlled by one's emotions
It is to often be unsure of depths of devotion
It is the sweet pain of impossible dreams
It is never quite as close or as far as it seems

It is feelings being known without words being spoken
It is the inevitable occasional heart being broken
It is the type of love that now seems cliche
It's experience gained from having learned the hard way

It's a smurgle, a fuzzle, a rumble or purr
It's scales and whiskers and tails and fur
It's what we are, not outside but within
It's the binding force that makes us all kin

It's a howl in greeting to friends held dear
It's a bristling growl when confronted by fear
It's a friendly lick or scritch to show that we care
It's a deep understanding, a compassion that's rare

If what it is to be furry you still don't comprehend
Then consider this advice, my curious friend
If you're willing to respect that which you don't understand
Then come take my paw and I'll take your hand.

-- Croc O'Dile - 6/95

Lemonade Coyote
A very well known fursuiter,
who has a lemonade coyote
fursona. He died back in 2013,
which caused a lot of sadness for
the fandom.
A pro fursuiter maker,
who makes very realistic feral
Douglas "Giza" Muth
One of the creators of Anthrocon,
the biggest furry convention. He runs
the website for the con,
and does a lot more,
so he's pretty important.
This poem was
written by a guy
explaining furries,
through poetry.

Many furries love
this poem, as it's
really cool, and
really helps explain
being a furry.

fullbody- c. a fursuit that
covers your whole body.
d. having importance, significance, or meaningfulness.
therian - c. somebody who believes they
somehow are actually an animal. some
furries think like this.
d. a mammal of the major group Theria,
which comprises the marsupials
and placentals.
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