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Marketing Magic with WordPress

No description

Rod Salm

on 22 October 2016

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Transcript of Marketing Magic with WordPress

Keep your Audience
focused on YOUR stage.
ALL marketing efforts need to direct people to your OWN site.

(psst, links for this presentation can be found at www.rodsalm.com)
Why WordPress
for Marketing?
- Control.
- Ownership of DATA.
- Ease of Use.
- Cost.
- Speed.
Marketing Magic with WordPress

The Performance Plan
Where do you

Tracking & Metrics
Marketing without measurement means the sales guys get all the credit.
Connect with your
Emotions = Actions
True emotions cannot be ignored.
Know your Audience: CRM
It's not software, it's a culture.

No easy, free(dom), method of bringing customer data all together.
- Messy data,
- Legacy data is horrible,
- Time Consuming and Expensive.
What kind of Magician are you?
- Large audience,
- A big campaign gets created and
portioned out to different channels.
- Hugely complicated, hard to build,
lots of planning. big teams.
- No improvisation.
- Think large product launches.
- Selective audience,
- Small, easier to digest, marketing
efforts come together to form a
complete performance,
- Leaner. Easy to adapt,
- Harder to stay the course,
- May lack cohesiveness.
- Growth driven design.
- 121
- Broadcasting
- SEM and SEO
Why is a CRM so important? Automation
Even a poorly maintained,
incomplete CRM will outperform companies that don't use a CRM.
Dammit Rod, it's a WordCamp, talk about WordPress!
CRM Problems
Mixed Data Sources.
Solution: Integration if possible.

Features - never the right one.
Solution: Prioritize Key Feature.
How much @#$% can I jam into my header???
Being on LinkedIn isn't billable time,
but you have to be on LinkedIn.

"If you're not on linkedin,
you're invisible to business."
David Wass
The pulse of your business.
Sigh. Everyone's doing it.
And that's a VERY valid reason
for you to consider Facebook for marketing efforts.
A good, true, emotional story, creates action.
"It's a kinda magic"

The Open Graph protocol enables any
web page to become a rich object
in a social environment.
Translation: It makes your page snippet look good when shared on social networks.


Stats in the Dashboard
Email Newsletters
- existing customers are your most
profitable, speak to them often,
- easy to report and measure,
- forces unique content creation.

Good content feeds SEO efforts which improves SEM results which asks for more good content, etc., etc., etc.,
Final Thoughts for
Marketing Magicians.
The audience doesn't care
about the "how".
The Vegas Show
The Street Performer
1. KNOW your Audience.
2. TELL wonderful stories.
3. And keep it on YOUR Stage.
Measure and Report
Don't let the ticket seller get all the credit.
Google Tag Manager
Keep 'em Organized
PRO TIP: use this plugin for nice
twitter feeds on a site.
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