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Final Year Project Mock Interviews

This presentation contain information about the Department of Psychology's FYP Mock Interview Scheme, including details on why we run the scheme, and how the scheme operates.

Tony Moss

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Final Year Project Mock Interviews

Final Year Project
Mock Interview Scheme what is
the mock interview scheme? Why do we run
the mock interview scheme? how does
the mock interview scheme work? The Final Year Project Mock Interview Scheme is your opportunity to meet with your supervisor and have them question you about your final year project.

You are given time to briefly outline your final year project, and to identify the skills which you have developed, during the course of carrying out your research. Whether you decide to go on to further study or to apply for a job after your degree at LSBU, there is a very good chance that, if you are in an interview, you will be asked about your final year project, and the skills you picked up during the course of carrying out your research.

By the end of your project, you will be an expert in your particular area, and may well find it really easy to explain the project to other people who are familiar with your research area, such as you supervisor. However, if you are asked questions about your porject during an interview, you cannot assume that the interviewer is an expert in your field, and so it is of vital importance that you are able to describe your project in plain English.

The Mock Interview Scheme aims to give you this opportunity, before you face a real interview situation. On the Employability and Skills for Psychology Blackboard site, you will find a mock interview form which asks you to write a brief, plain English, summary of your project. In addition you are asked to identify any important skills which you have developed during your project.

You should complete Parts A and B of this form and then arrange to meet your supervisor to have your mock interview. During the mock interview, your supervisor will make suggestions on how you might better present your project, and help you to identify other key skills which you have demonstrated competence in during your project. Part C of the form is for you to note down any of these suggestions. You should keep a copy of this form for future reference, whenever you are required to discuss your research.
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